Evaporated milk, half tin leftover

rod2, Jul 18, 5:23am
what could I make with that?

rainrain1, Jul 18, 5:26am
Apricot Flummery

sumstyle, Jul 18, 6:58am
I use evap milk with coconut essence to make curry sauce - more specifically potato and pumpkin curry. Heaps less fat than coconut cream.

amarni1, Jul 18, 7:57am
I use it to make sweet corn chowder. Yummy, I use a whole can however.

duna1, Jul 18, 7:58am
I have it on my porridge

elliehen, Jul 18, 10:28am
Chill it, and then beat it into a cooled half-set jelly made with only one cup of water.

dbab, Jul 18, 9:49pm
Use it as a sauce for pasta

lilyfield, Jul 18, 10:02pm
put it in your coffee

rod2, Jul 19, 10:47pm
Lol @ elliehen, thats why I have half a tin of ev/milk left. They were yummy too!

pickles7, Jul 19, 10:56pm
then make another lot... . rod2... .

seniorbones, Jul 20, 12:24am
apparantly they freeze well, but so does the milk so just freeze the milk until you need it for the next lot.

raebea, Jul 22, 11:27am
I put any small ammounts into a small screw top jar, keeps ages in the fridge.

dilligaf_dah, Nov 20, 7:06am
freeze it in a yogurt or similiar container to use again later.