Hmmm...what to turn leftover beef casserole into?

madeley, Jul 26, 2:08am
any ideas please?

pericles, Jul 26, 2:11am
cheese & beef pie

petal1955, Jul 26, 2:11am
Make a pie with it

bisloy, Jul 26, 2:13am
Heat it until bubbly then put a tasty scone topping on it. VERY good, my kids LOVE it!

madeley, Jul 26, 2:13am
never made a pie... sounds good tho... just chuck casserole and gravy and cheese in it? what pastry is the correct one? tks guys.

bisloy, Jul 26, 2:15am
Whichever one you like the best.

kaddiew, Jul 26, 2:21am

fisher, Jul 26, 2:58am
Mash some spuds with a sprinkle of rosemary mixed in... and a drizzle of cream...
Just get some puff pastry and line a pyrex dish sealing the joins with water. . great a cm of cheese over the bottom and pour in your leftover beef casserole. . Layer the mashed spud over the top , drag a form over the top to make grooves and grate some more cheese over. . Trim tidy up and into oven for 20-30 mins until pastry is done and top is nicely browned...

susieq9, Jul 26, 2:58am
Put left over casserole back into oven proof dish, put some potato pom poms on top, grate some cheese over and heat for about 30 minutes in oven. Serve with some broccoli or beans or your preference of greens. Or maybe some homemade bread or buns.

pheebs1, Jul 26, 3:11am
definately pie! ! ! i do that often . make sure the filling isnt to sloppy you can either use pastry top or bottom or if your casserole hasnt too many potatoes in it pastry bottom and mashed potatoe on top. sometimes roughly chopped roasted potatoes on top sprinkled with cheese. yum
pies are a great way to use up left overs. i put my left over chicken and vege soup into pastry last night. yum!

madeley, Nov 30, 8:11am
thanks guys... am inspired now so gonna cook my first pie:)