If you only have plain flour

aeromo, Jun 3, 5:55am
can you add more baking powder? Daughter is baking a cake as we speak?

geldof, Jun 3, 5:58am
Presuming you want SR Flour? Sift together 1 tsp BP per cup flour. Result wont be exactly the same, but will work.

245sam, Jun 3, 6:05am
aeromo, opinions vary as to how much baking powder should be added to plain flour to equate self-raising flour - some say 1 tsp baking powder per 1 cup of flour, while others say 1½ tsp or 2 tsp baking powder. The amount of added baking powder will, of course, determine the rise and fluffiness of the end result but the end results should be just as good as those that self-raising flour gives - I suggest that your daughter uses 2 tsp baking powder per 1 cup plain flour. :-))

aeromo, Jun 3, 6:09am
Aw thank you people, she has tried 2 tsp to 1. 5 cups of flour. Oh well it will be a nice pudding should it fail! !

poppy62, Jun 3, 6:46am
I never use self raising flour and never have any failures with cakes! Its no big deal - my mum used to always tell me for every cup of flour use a rounded spoon of bp - I go roughly by the same measurements. I prefer to be able to judge the amount of bp I need and adjust accordingly.

holdenss, Jul 5, 9:54pm
Make your raising agent from scatch and your find your get a much closer results to SRF. 1/2 tsp BS 1/3 tsp Cream of Tarter and pinch of salt.