Can you freeze mushrooms

tmili, May 23, 1:54am
This year has been such an amazing year for mushrooms in our local area can they be frozen if so how. - Or do you have an other easy ideas.

lilyfield, May 23, 1:58am
toss them around in a frypan to reduce bulk, then freeze in containers -the right mount for one meal.

glendeb, May 23, 3:55am
I just free flow freeze them or chop them and bag them into meal size servings.

garryb, May 23, 4:05am
Mushrooms have a high water content so when you defrost them they will be soggy. I have never heard of anyone tossing them in a frypan to reduce bulk as lilyfield says above, but will have to try that, it sounds like a good idea. Preparing them ready to use, sliced etc before hand seems sensible too.

harrislucinda, May 23, 4:18am
ilightlystewwith butterfirstthencoolthen freeze

stormbaby, May 29, 4:01pm
I have found the best way is to slice them thinly, lay on meat trays and freeze uncovered. When frozen throw into a zip lock bag. For some reason they don't go soggy when defrosted, I simply put them straight into recipes frozen from the freezer, or on pizzas, casseroles, in toasties or in soup. The thinner they are the more likely they are to have a "dried" appearance when frozen quickly.