dian2, May 31, 9:20am
Ideas for cooking & serving them please!

I'm told this is the best season for them in 20 years. . and we've been given them by the bucketful, & almost every day for the past 2 weeks i've been freezing, frying & milk saucing them to serve on toast. .

Something new would be great!
TIA xo

kanasie, May 31, 9:48am
MMMMMMM Mushroom Soup. Check out the Edmonds cook book.

fisher, May 31, 11:02am
As a side dish. . twist out the stalk. . sprinkle a little masterfoods onion salt, tiny pinch of peri peri and then drizzle of olive oil. . Onto tray under grill till they sizzle and cook from the inside out...

rog.e, May 31, 11:17am
If some are larger and completely open:

Twist off the stalks and lie gills ip on a baking paper lined oven dish or tray.
Grate some lemon zest over them, then a little salt and freshly gound pepper. Sprinkle woth some grated Parmesan cheese (or tasty Cheddar) then sprinkle with olive oil or any oil at a pinch.

Put into a hot oven and bake for a few minutes until cooked through andcheese melted and browning.

Eat with steak and green salador any duish you fancy.
I serve then with crusty garlic bread as a starter or light lunch.

anna787, Jun 24, 3:40pm
great on pizza or in pasta or any stirfry

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