Mushrooms - freezing?

john946, Mar 29, 1:33am
Have an abundance of mushrooms and I understand you can free flow freeze them (suitable for casseroles/stews later). Has anyone tried this, or other ways? I'd like to know how you find best. Thanks, C

harrislucinda, Mar 29, 1:35am
i stewed mine in butter then froze

samanya, Mar 29, 2:12am
That's how I've done them, too.
No glut this year, at my place.;o)

rainrain1, Mar 29, 2:17am
This year I made soup, sauce for steak, and sliced some into strips and froze them raw. Trying the raw freeze for the first time,

samanya, Mar 29, 2:47am
I've tried it & they thawed all mushy ;o)
but ok for stews etc.

harrislucinda, Mar 29, 3:45am
thats what they want them for as already cooked

strathview, Mar 29, 4:32am
Cooked in a little water and butter and into the freezer. Yummy for soup

samanya, Mar 29, 4:39am
Yep, I knew that ;o)

rainrain1, Mar 29, 8:03am
I wouldn't thaw them, just toss them in the stew, casserole, etc, from frozen

arielbooks, Mar 29, 8:25pm
What I do too easy peasy and then just cook as normal

sla11, Oct 10, 12:43am
No reason why you couldn't free flow them on a tray then bag up in bulk - take out what U want.

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