Field Mushrooms - Freezing or ?

john946, Apr 15, 3:23am
We have a good mushroom season this year. What is the best way to keep them for later on - ?freezing or preserving. If so, how do you go about it please. Tried & true methods/recipes appreciated. Thanks, C

annies3, Apr 15, 3:59am
We have had a really bumper season as well and I cooked and froze many containers full, I just saute them in butter and cool them off pack them into plastic containers with their liquid, when properly cold into the freezer. some people freeze them raw and say it works fine but I haven't tried this.
Many years ago I made mushroom soup which was delicious so I made extra large batches and preserved it in agee jars, I was in my 20s and never knew a lot about preserving ! I should have re done the jars over again after packing, to cut a long story short, nothing smells as awful as mushroom soup when it is off and blown the tops of the jars !

harrislucinda, Apr 15, 9:06am
I do the same annies3

mercury14, Apr 15, 9:30am
I just peel and destalk them and pack them into plastic bags then freeze them. They come out great.

samanya, Apr 15, 10:16pm
I'm so envious!
I doubt that there will be many here this year . no rain for months & now winter temps. We usually get them around Easter & I'm thinking it's too late now . one can but hope. I might toddle out & have a look, (signed optimist)

buzzy110, Apr 17, 5:53am
Has anyone tried dehydrating them?

samanya, Apr 17, 11:48pm
I did once & they were only really good as flavouring, as they crumbled.

buzzy110, Apr 17, 11:51pm
I think that dried mushrooms need to be soaked for about 5mins in warm water when using them. But, that aside, did they retain their intense flavour when you used them?

sampa, Apr 18, 12:06am
This is really interesting, I had no idea you could freeze mushrooms successfully. That spells goodbye to the poor things withering away in a forgotten corner of the fridge from here on in. :)

samanya, Apr 18, 1:51am
Absolutely . as with most dried food, the flavour intensifies. I did use my own field mushrooms in a bumper season but now I don't get enough to bother again, as I enjoy them fresh, of course.

samanya, Apr 18, 4:14am
The other thing is of course, home grown (luck) mushies are seldom perfect like cultivated ones, so I probably didn't have many that were completely whole . if you get the gist. I'd imagine that the shop 'flats' would be worth a try.

buzzy110, Apr 18, 4:29am
Yes. Those ones are a bit more like wild mushrooms in flavour and texture.

tramore, Apr 18, 7:13am
I always buy mushrooms as we don't grow them in town, and just chop to the size I'll need in later food for soup or stews or sauces or whatever and then just chuck them in a plastic bag in the freezer. no need to peel them!

stitch50, Apr 19, 9:20am
I have mushrooms that come up on my back lawn each year, but
I've been to chicken to try them , but they look like field mushrooms .
Is it worth the risk , it would be great if they could be used .
what do you think ?

buzzy110, Sep 29, 2:10am
I doubt any of us would be keen to tell you to go ahead, sight unseen. Even with a photo, I wouldn't be prepared to risk your health and well being. What if we were wrong?

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