Duck glaze

andrea1978, Feb 11, 2:13am
Does anyone have a simple duck glaze for me please? I found one on the internet that sounds interesting that has plum jam, cinnamon, ginger and allspice - but just wondered if anyone has a better/another idea. Thanks :)

fisher, Feb 11, 3:39am
orange zest... orange juice... ginger. . garlic. . coriander. . peanut oil. . powdered mustard. . rice wine vinegar. . apricot preserves (or plum jam)... whizz all up...

andrea1978, Feb 11, 3:54am
thanks fisher!
I don't have rice wine vinegar, peanut oil or oranges though lol.

I put onion and garlic in the cavity - may just try plum jam and spices and see how it goes

fisher, Feb 11, 4:04am
:]you have duck and you dont have oranges... :}}

andrea1978, Feb 11, 5:10am
haha good point!

andrea1978, Aug 2, 11:19pm
Must say I made the plum jam glaze and it was yum! Sooo easy too! Just put 1/4 c plum jam, 1/8t ground ginger, 1/8 t cinnamon, 1/8 t allspice (I actually used chinese five spice as I had no allspice) in a saucepan and that's it :)

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