Do I have to glaze a Cooked Ham?

nfh1, Dec 22, 8:14am
Husband won a cooked ham - will it make any difference if I glaze it? Thanks.

smallwoods, Dec 22, 8:25am
Only if you want it hot or is not fully cooked?

nfh1, Dec 22, 8:31am
It says it is cooked and we will be eating it cold.

wheelz, Dec 22, 8:35am
IMO tastes better glazed, hot or cold

mouse265, Dec 22, 9:35am
no just slice it and enjoy

nfh1, Dec 22, 9:40am
Thank you - it looks huge - could be finishing it at Easter.

punkinthefirst, Dec 23, 4:31am
Not if you don't want to, but glaze adds an extra dimension to the flavour. (which, of course, you could also achieve with relishes, sauces or salsa)

valentino, Dec 23, 5:27am
The big thing about doing the glaze is actually heating the ham mainly the outer part and the fat, the fat melts and/or reduces giving that ideal moisturing of the ham in a heated environ, the glzing or what you use to coat the ham after taking the skin off determines that extra flavouring that you desire.

Eating hams not glaze or heated as you received it is okay but that fat is too concentrated hence one may trim it a little to suit oneself but the down side is you lose the nice moisturising taste.

Hopes this all makes sense.


norse_westie, Dec 23, 5:53pm
Glazing and heating the ham really takes it to another level. The smell infuses the house and makes tummies rumble. The glass adds another dimension even when eating it cold over the next few days. And of course, it looks magnificent when you serve it.

But no, you don't have to glaze or heat your ham.

monofoil, Dec 23, 7:23pm
If you have the oven room it is pretty cool to heat/glaze ham. I always thought it was hard, but it's super easy! And impressive!

arcane1315, Dec 23, 7:37pm
mmmm yes - definitely glaze it - mine is in the oven now. That little taste of glaze on each slice just adds to the flavour

ritebuy, Dec 25, 9:42pm
I glazed the ham this year served it cold.What a treat will always do this now

kiwiscrapper1, Nov 12, 3:02pm
I would glaze, thre are so many glazes just google, I do orange juice brown sugar and grainy mustard delicious, other wise it will be jus like deli ham

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