Urgent - meat cooking question!

mazzy1, Oct 20, 3:46am
We've been given a seasoned rolled hogget roast - 1.4kg - yum! I want to cook it tonight but have no idea of the best way. I am a LOUSY meat cook - always overcook it (but I loathe it too pink). Should I use an oven bag? How long to cook a roast like please?

geldof, Oct 20, 5:15am
At this time of the day, I'd do it in the pressure cooker and make gravy with the juices.

kirmag, Oct 20, 5:44am
Low n slow. Or you could try an oven bag, will keep it moist.

Not everyone has a pressure cooker!

kindajojo, Oct 20, 5:48am
Guess it should be cooking away, . put rosemary in the roast, cook long and slow in a oven bad till it is fall apart tender make rich gravy with the juices and serves with potatoe and kumara mash, carrots and peas with mint sauce .

valentino, Oct 20, 6:04am
The best method is via a Rotisserie in a Hooded BBQ, well basted and absolutely yummy, collect the juices in a tray below it for a scrumptious gravy - basting sauce.

Perhaps with a few veges too for a total deal.


valentino, Oct 20, 6:06am
One can replicate the above post in an oven, just simply turn the roast every so often etc. temp at say 190C and placed in the lower third of the oven positioning.

Oh, a meat thermometer would be great, shows the internal temps for ideal cooking.


mazzy1, Oct 20, 6:25am
Thanks for your responses everyone. Sadly you were all too late, so I chucked it in an oven bag for an hour and a half then rested it for 20 mins. My husband just said "OMG! I think you have just cooked it to perfection! "

rainrain1, Oct 20, 6:32am
You're on to it. just bung it in the oven. never in our whole long lamb breeding life have I ever timed a roast. Tested it with a fork yes, timed it never!

valentino, Oct 20, 7:57pm
LOL, reminds me of a true Hangi cooked Hogget, though an oven bag still needs a little bit extra for those extra touches. Love Hangi cooked Hogget.

Also love the direct roasting too where the skin etc is basted, scoured a little with mint jelly - rosemary added plus a bit of salt and gives that nice crispy slightness of the skin, better over-all taste plus that nice slight shrinkage around the shank part of the leg.

Resting is very important either way.

Editing to note mainly with Legs but Rolled Hogget to me is best Rotisserried.

rainrain1, Oct 20, 8:17pm
I cooked a couple of hocks the other night using a fancy recipe out of a well known cooks book who shall remain nameless. Slow cooked in all this stuff tomatoes, celery, etc etc. After we ate it I thought . why didn't I just plain roast it in the oven without all those other flavours going on. far, far tastier in my opinion.

valentino, Oct 20, 9:39pm
How True, a lot of meats can be over done with too much other added items and the true tastes of meats lessen greatly.

mazzy1, Oct 22, 6:11am
Might have to be my new method. I do tend to overthink everything else in my life!

smallwoods, Oct 23, 10:12am
Had something like this to do over the weekend.
Family get together (27 people) and I was asked to cook the rib eye roast, about 4.5kg
Strange BBQ and just after starting one element quit on me.
Only 3 of 4 working, so I couldn't do indirect(convection) cooking.
So just seared on each side for 15 minutes, then 10 on each side.
Finally the rest of the time on 5 minute turns, basting every turn.
80 minutes total at 200-250 on the temp dial (accurate?)
Heated the pan on the lid for final 5 minutes, placed meat in pan, wrapped in foil and rested until all family gathered for eating.
Cousin carved and boy was I glad to see the meat come out (what I considered) perfect.
Seared well on edges, greyish for a couple of cm's and a solid pink in the middle.
No flowing juices to speak of, serving dish fairly dry.
FiL and uncles, aunts and in-laws kept saying next day "what a wonderful roast"
SiL who provided roast left a text, thanking me for doing such a good job today.
Absolutely chuffed.

gave the baste mix to the next people using the BBQ (was at a camp ground), the returned the bowl and tools with a couple of choc bars and a note, thanking for the "delicious marinade"
Double chuffed

valentino, Dec 12, 4:06pm
G R E A T S T U F F ! ! ! !

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