Whatever happened to Rice Bran Oil

annie1061, Sep 25, 8:08am
in the tin. Seems we are only able to buy the plastic containers now and I don't like that. Our oil should be in a container that protects it from daylight and I am sorry but clear plastic containers do not keep the light out. Seems silly as the tins would be recylable, bet the plastic containers are not. I miss my 2L tin of Rice Bran Oil Mr wholesale supplier!

wheelz, Sep 25, 8:33am
My oil is kept in a dark pantry. where do you keep yours?

annie1061, Sep 25, 9:46am
It is in the pantry which is not always dark as the door is quite frequently open. I preferred my R B Oil in the tin.

lindylambchops1, Sep 25, 10:06am
Have you asked your local supermarket if they can get Rice Bran oil in the large cans? If not contact the Manufacturer. See label on plastic Rice Bran oil bottle.

lenart, Sep 25, 7:35pm
I had contacted the manufacturer sometime ago and they advised me that they discontinued the 2l tins. I stocked up a little when countdown discounted tins due to clearance. When I run out, most likely I will not buy oil in plastic, I never buy oils and vinegars in plastic.

annie1061, Dec 22, 9:50am
Ohh this is sad reading, I do not like oils and vinegars in plastic either and oil in clear plastic is not good at all, that reduces it to cheap and nasty. This is supposed to be a good product so why would someone go and ruin it this way, I prefer my vinegar in glass bottles as well. What is wrong with the world these days, we should be doing things that are good for the environment which Joe Public tries to ( well some of them) and they go and produce more product in crap packaging, then no doubt further down the line blame all of us for using it!

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