Raw fish in coconut cream

rohoman, Jan 26, 9:29am
Is Hoki any good for this? It's always in the reduced to clear area at my super market so I thought I might get some and give it a go, but no point in wasting money if it's not suitable.

petal1955, Jan 26, 6:52pm
Its OK but inclinded to "mush" better off with a firmer fish like terahiki

cinderellagowns, Jan 26, 7:09pm
I don't know about the relative firmness of Hoki compared to other fish, but I wouldn't use any fish "reduced to clear" in a raw fish recipe.
My rule is fresh fish (of any kind), two-ish hours in lemon juice, thick coconut cream and whatever extras I have on hand (fresh chilli, coriander, maybe some red onion etc).

davidt4, Jan 26, 9:19pm
I agree. It is essential that the fish is super-fresh so don't buy "reduced to clear" fish of any kind. Look for the freshest there is. My favourite for raw fish is trevally - buy a whole trevally with bright eyes, get it filleted. It will not be expensive.

arielbooks, Jan 26, 11:43pm
Yuck Hoki

rohoman, Jan 27, 10:07am
Thank you everyone who has commented!

lonicera, Jan 28, 3:44am
Nothing wrong with hoki provided it is as fresh as you can get it. Compared to the price of other types of fish, hoki is a good deal. Moki? Now that is not very nice.

sarahb5, Oct 31, 6:01am
If it’s too reduced to clear it’s probably not as fresh as it should be for eating raw

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