Beetroot Cured Salmon

petmacorpltd, Dec 22, 12:39am
This is my job for Christmas Day and I know I need to get started. I hav the fresh salmon! Don't know which recipe to use - have looked online and there are so many. Anyone got special one they use? Each one I have looked at is so different. TIA.

kiwitrish, Dec 22, 12:48am
Jamie Oliver made it on tv last night. I don't eat salmon but it looked good and easy to do.

valentino, Dec 22, 12:54am
The best one is by Sachie's Kitchen.
(Personal notes)

450 gram approx. Salmon fillet (preferably the tail end)
At least 1/2 beetroot grated or shredded
100mil Plum Wine (this is the best to use)
2 tablespoons flaky sea salt ( I use Marlborough) 1 lime cut into half to serve.

Place all into a zip-lock plastic bag and marinate at least overnight, ( I prefer a couple of Days).
Slice salmon finely and serve with the lime.

Plum wine is best to use but can be tricky to get hold of but first place of call is a Japanese shop.


petmacorpltd, Dec 22, 5:41am
I might have to do Jamie's recipe as I think I have left my run a bit late for the plum wine. I will make that in the New Year.

Many thanks.

petal1955, Dec 26, 6:51am

This is a Gordon Ramsay recipe

amasser, Nov 12, 1:58am
of what?

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