John West Pink Salmon

samsnan, Jan 24, 2:17am
What on earth have they done to it. I purchased a med size tin last week and it tastes terrible, nothing like it used to be and it is also a darker colour. Tastes as though it has been lightly smoked. I will be changing to Sealord from now on. Anyone else found it different?

cgvl, Jan 24, 2:28am
check the tin as they have very sneakily added a label that says smoked on it and its the same as the ordinary label. I got caught out with it too.

samsnan, Jan 24, 2:41am
I just checked the tin cgvl and yes you are right it does have a sneaky label. Wont be getting caught out again though. I just wish I could afford to buy the red salmon.

cgvl, Jan 24, 2:52am
don't we all. I only buy when on special now, as DH prefers tuna which I hate. Fortunately for me I was making a fish kedgeree so it didn't matter, but was doing a taste test first, so served me right, but wouldn't have even noticed it otherwise

bedazzledjewels, Jan 24, 2:59am
I stock up on the red salmon when it's on special. It's well worth it.

samsnan, Jan 24, 3:19am
Yes but I find red salmon is not on special very often anywhere.

olwen, Jan 24, 3:21am
I buy homebrand red salmon.Just over $6 for a 440gm tin

samsnan, Jan 24, 3:28am
So Olwen is the homebrand as nice as John West?

olwen, Jan 24, 3:52am
John West is too dear for me

unknowndisorder, Jan 24, 4:57am
It does pay to check the labels carefully, as it's too easy to buy the wrong one (think I've done it twice, slow learner).
I find the unsalted one pretty bland as well, but at least I'll still eat it.

kiwifidget, Jan 24, 10:28pm
I've been buying red salmon lately as I have found the pink has become quite bland and tasteless.

wildflower, Jan 25, 2:42am
I buy it at times for $1.99 a can but the shopper bought smoked last time and it was gross.The plain one or reduced salt is good as but the smoked was un-eatable

harrislucinda, Jan 25, 3:35am

nala2, Jan 25, 4:12am
I am friends with a NZ,er who is a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska based in Sitka. He comes back to NZ for the off season and he told me that pink salmon is not "technically" salmon and is a rubbish fish while the red is "genuine" salmon.

rainrain1, Jan 25, 4:20am
Agree, it's terrible stuff. I remember thinking when I opened the can what a bright colour it was.It stunk too :-)

uli, Jan 25, 5:00am
If you have the smoked one and don't like it plain then use it in a parsley sauce or a kedgeree or a fish pie.

rainrain1, Jan 25, 5:11am
i wouldn't buy that brand again as it was so horrid

olwen, Jan 25, 5:28am
I thought the difference was that red salmon is Sockeye or Quinnat (King) salmon (King salmon is what we farm here), and that pink salmon is Atlantic salmon which is the breed that is farmed overseas (and is not so good).

rainrain1, Jan 25, 5:45am
This is how they catch the John West

esther-anne, Jan 25, 6:27am
I got one by mistake the other day too.And there really is no excuse peeps for me or anyone else buying the wrong thing because it is clearly labelled "smoked".

Uli-I know you are a font of knowledge but I have to say that this stuff is revolting and would reduce any dish one tried to make from it as inedible.My cat took one sniff and ran away.It is truly awful and the colour alone would scare the pants off you.

Red on special for me in future-think Countdown/Foodtown?Woolworths have some on special this week I believe though right now can't find their flyer.

lynja, Apr 2, 11:00am
having read this thread a while ago i bought and tried some homebrand pink salmon - thankfully only two small cans - as it is disgusting - nothing at all like pink salmon used to be, i also bought some john west red salmon (on special)which i havent opened yet but really hope that it is better.