Afternoon Tea - Ideas Please

kayronab, Aug 11, 10:44pm
We have to take a plate/platter for a lady's 90+ birthday party (she is formerly from Yorkshire). Any of your yummy ideas are welcome :)

245sam, Aug 11, 11:51pm
kayronab, is it a lunch or afternoon tea or ? birthday party? :-))

Our son-in-law is from Yorkshire and something he (and we) really love are Cherry Bakewell Tarts. Our daughter found and successfully made this recipe that is apparently very close to the store-bought Mr Kipling's version:-

kayronab, Aug 11, 11:57pm
Nothing too formal just a get together to celebrate in the afternoon - sweet or savory ideas welcome :)

sarahb5, Aug 12, 2:35am

buffy37, Aug 12, 6:02am
Club sandwiches, piklets with raspberry jam n cream, eccles cakes, plain scones with jam n cream. louise slice, butterfly cakes (small cakes with top taken off, filled with jam n cream then cut tops in half and put on top of cream) blinis with cream cheese and salmon slices.

lou-ie, Aug 12, 6:06am
Cream horns with a sprinkling of freeze dried raspberry powder.

artemis, Aug 12, 6:31am
Often end up with mainly sweet things, so savoury goes down well. Mini bacon and egg tarts. Sandwiches - smoked salmon with cream cheese and mesclun or rocket.

fefeoc, Aug 12, 7:09am
Little chicken and almond sandwiches - I make club ones with a layer of rocket. Cut into pretty shapes perhaps? Little pink meringue nests filled with cream and berries ( thawed and drained frozen ones work fine) and dusted with icing sugar look lovely although they are a bit messy to eat.

sarahb5, Aug 12, 11:23am
If the guests are a similar age to the woman who's birthday it is then I would keep away from raspberries and coconut - I know my mums friends who had false teeth would keep away from these. Blini with salmon, cream cheese and horseradish or a little lemon and dill. Simple small bites but tasty.

mousiemousie, Aug 12, 6:45pm
I really love asparagus rolls. Nobody seems to do them anymore, which is a shame.

sarahb5, Aug 12, 9:31pm
Oh yes - me too

duckmoon, Aug 13, 3:30am
Asparagus rolls

slimgym, Aug 13, 4:47am
mary berry had them on a show recently, it was her wedding anniversary, she was going down memory lane and thinking what they used to do. She did some canapé's that all you did was cut bread into rounds with a biscuit cutter and toasted them then using an icing bag put toppings on them she mentioned cream cheese, butter? tomato puree and paprika or sardines, cream cheese and lemon juice they put half an olive on top, not sure which mixture.
That might be a bit different

sarahb5, Aug 13, 4:52am

ruby2shoes, Aug 13, 5:05am
I like a good ol' club sammie. They are getting quite hard to find in shops these days, and if you do, they are usually smothered in mayonnaise. I think I'll get some veg organized for tomorrow for work.
Speaking of mayonnaise, chicken, mayo and celery sammies are nice!

kayronab, Aug 13, 9:01am
Thanks for the ideas - much appreciated !

autumnwinds, Aug 13, 1:03pm
Smaller versions of Eccles Cakes can easily be made from rounds of ready-made puff pastry, and some currents and dates simmered with a tiny amount of sugar.

Cut the rounds, fill with curranty mix, tuck all the sides in and secure with a bit of water at the bottom, prss to flatten a little, cut 3 small lines across the top, sprinkle with sugar and bake until golden.

I also agree with #15 - the good old club sandwich, as there's rarely enough savoury food. And cooked BBQ from the supermarket chicken and aoli, wrapped like asparagus rolls are, is great, too.

Tiny rounds of scone topped with an egg, mayo and chive/parsley mix would be nice, too.

lazkaz, Aug 14, 5:00am
Me too, I make them quite often.

kayronab, Jan 6, 1:10pm
Hi everyone - thanks for your ideas - I did some asparagus rolls and club sandwiches which were very popular :) :) :)

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