Small savouries for afternoon tea

novices, Jul 26, 1:48am
I am to make afternoon tea for about 40 people.Have many ideas for cakes etc but not savouries about from mini cheese muffins

cgvl, Jul 26, 2:02am
sausage rolls cut small, scones with curried egg on, mini quiche and mince savouries. Crackers with tomato although unless done at last minute can go soggy.

pericles, Jul 26, 2:04am

winnie231, Jul 26, 2:14am
Pumpernickel or Blini with cream cheese & smoked salmon, asparagus and/or smoked chicken rolls, club sandwiches

weha, Jul 26, 4:54am
I get the frozen sausage rolls.slice them thinly on an angle and cook flat.they look like an oval of meat surrounded by pastry.just another way of jazzing basics up ;)

iriegirl, Jul 26, 5:50am
Small scotch eggs made with quail eggs

duckmoon, Jul 26, 5:57am
Pike lets with salmon and cream cheese

Asparagus rolls
Chicken rolls

jenner4, Jul 26, 6:11am
Club sammys , can be made hours ahead , we make savouries with bread pushed into butted muffin pans and pour a egg mix of wiped egg with a big splash of cream , chopped parsley, tomato, ham or baconor any other mix you like and bake , these can be done the day before and reheated when need

jessie981, Jul 26, 6:15am
French bread stick, slice, spread with Salmon Cr Cheese spread & top with fresh Salmon & cracked pepper.

craftylady1, Jul 26, 6:54am
Dont foregt rice crackers and hummus in case there are any GF people there

rarogal, Jul 26, 8:55am
Make a white sauce and mash in a tin or two of smoked oysters. Fill vol-au-vents.

chooky, Jul 26, 11:48am
I had thought of this myself for anothe plate I needed, I make normal scotch eggs, do they taste the same, or is the taste stronger. Thanks.

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