FINGER FOOD for pre-wedding afternoon tea.

devalois, Oct 13, 4:25am
HELP! Asked to make Chocolate truffles as part of an afternoon tea whilst bride and groom get photos done.but would prefer to do something savoury.not everyone is into very rich, sweet foods. Any suggestions! devalois

tinkagirl, Oct 13, 4:57am
what about mini cornfritters with sour cream and a piece of salmon

ngacooky, Oct 13, 5:12am
club sammies always go down well. you can get those mini eclairs and cheese puffs from the super market. Balinis (mini piklets) with jam and cream, also from the supermarket. sausage rolls cut small, savouries. fruit platter

karenz, Oct 13, 5:14am
I know they are hokey but I have never been to a gathering where (tinned) asparagus rolls don't all disappear, also (tinned) salmon and a good quality mayonnaise.

pickles7, Oct 13, 5:15am
Why not just make what you were asked to make.I would offer a variety of both sweet and savoury. Sounds like you got the sweet to make.

alfredtonroad, Oct 13, 5:21am
i agree - these made with the freshest white bread are popular.

jessie981, Oct 13, 5:24am
French bread, sliced & topped with Salmon Philadelphia Cream Cheese & fresh salmon or Cream Cheese & crispy bacon.

duckmoon, Oct 13, 6:15am
have they asked someone else to do the savoury stuff.

If the bride and groom has asked you to do truffles, shouldn't you either do truffles or say no!

carlosjackal, Oct 13, 7:38am
Sorry to digress, but are the bride and groom having photos BEFORE their wedding! I'm asking really only because if they are getting married following the photos, wouldn't there be a reception! Are you preparing for an afternoon tea before the reception or is the wedding taking place another day!

Profitteroles filled with a cream cheese filling are very nice - had them a wee while ago at a function and they were a 'hit'.

keeley4, Oct 13, 8:28am
I hope you have advised the bride and groom that you would prefer to do something savoury and are not just going against what they have asked!

waswoods, Oct 13, 7:56pm
Blinis are mini pikelets of the savory kind so have no sugar added

devalois, Oct 13, 9:35pm
No, wedding at 1400 then reception at it's for the afternoon tea. And yes, I agree: someone else is likely doing the savoury stuff. Thanks for all above ideas, however: devalois

nadineb, Oct 13, 11:40pm
Could you make Alison Holst milk truffles they are yummy and easy to make with out being covered in chocolate unless you wanted to and would be easy to eat for a nibbly bite or I have a recipe for peppermint balls that everyone loves I also make a mushroom sauce that you could make into bread or pastry cases do you want that recipe I think people at that kind of occasion will eat both sweet and savory

mardy193, Oct 14, 9:09pm
i once helped out at a 21st with only finger food, she cut telegraph cucumbers into cm slices, topped with cream cheese and salmon bit of dill, devils on horseback (very retro but all go fast), blini, sushi, chicken nuggets with dipping sauce, samosa, spring rolls, club sammies, mini quiche, fruit platters, vege and hummus

mardy193, Oct 14, 9:10pm
also recent river cottage vege series he made cauli and corn pakora, they looked lovely

moggie57, Oct 15, 9:59am
YES!.was going to say about the cucumber with topping on it.i make this alot, just a bit different than crakers or bread base all the time

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