Afternoon tea suggestions

anabelles, Sep 5, 4:27am
To raise money for our Heritage Village we hope to start providing real oldfashioned afternoon tea - using real teas, old fashioned plates etc.
What foods would be best!

nadineb, Sep 5, 4:31am
Scones,pikelets,ginger kisses,sandwiches,ginger gems and sugar buns and fruit cake

gerry64, Sep 5, 4:36am
passionfruit melting moments- my old Nanas favourites or wee tiny neenish tarts

sezabell, Sep 5, 7:13am
and all small finger size servings

firemansgirl, Sep 5, 7:20am
Butterfly Cakes!

moeshelle, Sep 5, 7:24am
asparagus rolls, club sandwiches

biggles45, Sep 5, 7:25am
Shortbread is a must.

Dainty sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

Strawberries dipped in chocolate.

tjman, Sep 5, 7:27am
cucumber sandwiches, crusts cut off. scones jam and cream.salmon and cucumber sandwiches.and maybe battenberg cake.

terachaos, Sep 5, 9:02am
Just got back into baking rock cakes.real old fashioned things but so tasty, and make a refreshing change from scones. Perhaps these would be something you could try!, Sep 5, 9:06am
Small dainty club sandwiches, sticky ginger cake, scones with cream and jam.
Have a look at Alexa Johnson's fantastic book, 'Ladies a Plate' full of old fashioned kiwi recipes for inspiration.

aasha, Sep 6, 6:01am
Sponge cakes real cream and jam in the middle and a dusting of icing sugar on the top!

bella95, Sep 6, 6:03am
About the old fashioned plates. One of the cafes here uses a mixture of old bone china. Looks absolutely charming and that none of the trios match each other just adds to the charm.
Sounds like a great idea for a fundraiser. Good luck., Sep 6, 8:22am
My teenage son wanted me to make him an old fashioned victoria sponge cake with jam and cream recently when he had some friends over - so I made him one and it went down a treat.

hotstuff111, Sep 6, 8:50am
cinamon oysters edmonds every one loves them .

anabelles, Sep 8, 4:46am
Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas. Terachaos have you a good rock cake recipe. When I try them they are always dry.

malcovy, Sep 8, 4:51am
I recommend that you use baking soda and cream of tartar with plain flour as your raising agent when you bake things for this old fashioned afternoon tea.

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