Mini corn fritters for cocktails or afternoon tea

mindi1, Oct 19, 9:54pm
These were a real hit with my guests. Make up a corn fritter mix (I use whole kernels rather than creamed corn). Drop small quantities into non-stick muffin pans so that when cooked they are quite shallow, no more than about a centimetre high. Pop them out of tins to serve either hot or cold (mine were cold). I put a very small amount of Aoili - Edmonds sell a plastic bottle of a lovely garlicy one – in the centre just to hold a basil leaf in place. Then put more Aoili on the basil leaf and top with a cherry tomato. You can hold all these in place with a toothpick but I found that it is easier for people to just lift up the mini fritter.

eastie3, Oct 19, 11:41pm
That sounds tasty mindi1.
Try separating the egg and whisking the white to soft peaks,fold into the fritter batter,and it will give you a lovely light texture.

I'm going to try your recipe, it will be very popular. Thanks.

griffo4, Oct 20, 1:48am
sounds lovely mindi would you be kind enough to share your fritter recipe please

mindi1, Oct 20, 9:45pm
Hi griffo4. I just use the recipe from the Great NZ Cook Book.
1 cup plain flour, 1 tspn BP, 2 eggs, I 410g tin corn. I add some cayenne pepper or similar to give a bit of oomph.

kcak, Aug 20, 8:53am
I add chopped coriander and a small amount of minced chilli to corn fritters and that gives them a lift too.

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