Wedding afternoon tea finger food ideas please

tinky_winky, Jul 21, 7:03am
Hi all, am looking for ideas for finger foods for an afternoon tea wedding all ideas appreciated

duckmoon, Jul 21, 7:05am
there have been a number of threads with these ideas.

use the search panel on the left.
type in wedding and changed "date posted" to "last year".

the answers will be abundant. enjoy the wedding

tinky_winky, Jul 21, 7:06am
thanks duckmoon, i have been looking, some of them threads are very long lol

smiffy11, Jul 21, 7:07am
Either an asparagus (tinned) spear rolled up in white bread with a bit of mayonnaise or some cooked chicken done the same way (crust taken off bread and rolled from corner to corner) - everyone loves one or the other, or both! Simple and certainly not tacky.

tinky_winky, Jul 21, 7:13am
no duckmoon im not suggesting that at all, i am going thru the threads, i posted this as people may have ideas that are not down,thanks smiffy11

gardie, Jul 21, 6:54pm
You can also do these with prawns.Put down a fine layer of finely shredded lettuce diagonally on the bread - top with a few prawns which have been previously mixed with seafood sauce (orange one) and salt and pepper to taste, and then roll up .These look lovely on a platter with the asparagus and chicken ones.

ruby2shoes, Jul 21, 10:12pm
oooh yummy, those 3 sammies sounds lovely.If you google menus of your local catering companies, get some ideas off those sites. Libraries too will have books that specialize in some of these.Depends on the season also.Small watercrackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon, bit of dill; slice of cucmber with half a cherry tomato, bit of blue cheese held together with a toothpick, the good old sausage rolls (tiny).
I am available for taste testing of sample food and will do this arduous task for free!

biggles45, Jul 21, 11:57pm
Vol au vents filled with cream cheese mixed with a selection of other things eg cherry tomato, smoked salmon, chives.

kinna54, Jul 22, 4:49am
Ok it does take a while to go thru the threads>>some of them are really long, so here are a few suggestions:
Dainty club or pinwheel sandwiches, asparagus and/or/ chicken and lettuce rolls, shrimp and lettuce or salmon and lettuce rolls (made the same way as an asparagus roll, using frilled lettuce, lots of variations on this theme) Blinis;mini croissants (hot or cold), sliced chorizo and olives on toothpicks,
bacon and prawn or prune on toothpicks,mini quiches or bread cases, vol au vents, mini sesame coated sausage rolls, mini meatballs and dipping sauce, asian mix, i;e samosas, money bags mini spring rolls, with dipping sauce, fish bites, prawn skewers, mini westaphia balls, chicken nibbles or tenders,
mini fruit custard tarts, mini eclairs or profieroles, truffles, mini cheese cake pieces, brandy snaps.

justiyah, Jul 22, 7:18am
Mini spring rolls or mini chicken filo's.

rarogal, Jul 22, 9:57pm
Recently I was served tiny square club sandwiches, which had a halved cherry tomato (cut side down) on top held together with a toothpick. Looked and tasted wonderful!

tinky_winky, Jul 23, 7:13am
thank you all for ideas much appreciated

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