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daleaway, May 12, 4:43am
Just about any scone recipe is soft and fluffy when first cooked, but without sufficient fat they go hard very quickly.
It depends if you want them to keep more than a couple of hours - if so, you can use less cheese but cut in some butter or marge and add a smidge more salt to make up for the lost cheese.
Adding some yoghurt or sour milk makes the scones stay a bit softer, too. If you make them using only the cheese for fat, they are best eaten the same day before they go hard.
I always use a pinch of cayenne, but not everybody likes it.

susan21, May 12, 4:45am
Thanks for all your advice. I made some for lunch today, they were fabulous! ! Much better than the ones I normally make.

jag5, May 12, 9:40am
Cayenne pepper. Always put a pinch in anything with cheese. Cheese sauce included. No butter needed with cheese. And 2nd the milk powder. Very different texture, light and fluffy, as opposed to milk.

jpmarketing, May 12, 9:52am
I always add an egg in mine

duckmoon, May 12, 10:29am
I saw the slot about MasterChef's mum...
but the recipe would only work for cheese scones, but the fat of the cheese is being used instead of the fat of the butter.

My tip for light scones is 2t of Baking Powder per cup of flour

duckmoon, May 12, 10:30am
Other tip for scones :
If the recipe cotains butter, then grate the butter before cutting it in... Makes it easy peasy to cut in.

seniorbones, May 12, 10:53am
bumping for those who missed it... close up that is and the recipes

rhood1, May 13, 8:15am
My secrets to yummy cheese scones, I use
Butter as well as cheese
Cream of tartar and baking soda with high grade flour instead of baking powder or self raising flour
Half as much milk as Flour
Cream or full cream milk is better than blue top or green top
So for 2 cups of flour, use 1 cup of liquid, 2 tsps of cream of tartar and 1 tsp of baking soda
Cook at 250º depending on how hot your oven gets (mine is a bit too hot at that temp) for 10 mins

lespat, May 13, 8:44am
Does this work for other types of Scones?

happywanderer, May 13, 7:53pm
At the start of the piece on Close up about the Masterchef's mother, she put on a pot of potatoes, and I reckon mashed potato is her secret ingredient.

nova40, May 14, 2:10am
What would be the right measurements be for all these scones... i. e. S/R Flour, Milk, Cheese (no butter? ), cayenne Pepper = extra 2 tsp B/P - for a big batch?

indy95, May 14, 2:24am
Now there's a lady with the right idea ! She probably taught him most of what he knows so why not ?

My Mum made lovely light scones and her " secret " was milk powder and water instead of milk, plus plenty of baking powder.

julmar, May 14, 2:31am
milk powder deff makes a difference instead of milk.

52many, May 14, 5:47am
My recipe is 3 cups high grade flour, 3 teaspns BP, 2 pinches cayenne pepper, a goodsprinkle of salt, 1 1/2 cups tasty cheese and mix all with about 1 cup of milk. (I use light blue) Sift all dry ingredients, mix in cheese then add milk. I do knead for a good minute or so... roll out on floured bench to about 3/4 inch thick, top with grated cheese and bake about 12 mins at 210c on a floured tray. You can tell by your kneading whether the mix is too wet or dry... . Yum. Nothing like fresh baked cheese scones with pumpkin soup... .

dilligaf_dah, May 14, 9:47am
Our secret ingrdent has always been baking soda 1 tsp to a cup of flour.

dilligaf_dah, May 14, 9:49am
Sleep well B Goodnight

mamaa, May 16, 5:13am
Scones. I find less kneeding better the scone. And try spreading with mashed eggs. A friend gave me one the other day with mashed eggs and salt and pepper, and it wasabsolutely delicious. . Something I would never of thought to eat with scones...

noelee, Sep 11, 12:57pm
mamaa you are so right the less kneading a lighter and better scone.
I use these type of cheese edam, mild, colby, tasty to make cheese sconesalso add a pkt of maggi onion or bacon an onion soup mix for extra flavour and a dessertspoon of sugar to 3 cups self raising flour mix into a dough with milk grated cheese on top

babz_nz, Sep 11, 4:28pm
you can replace butter with ligh cream cheese, sometimes I use Chilli Philly it is yummy

gardie, Sep 11, 7:18pm
I always use milk powder instead of water, adding it to the dry ingredients and using water with the wet.I do this with lots of my baking.I don't like using self raising flour for scones as I find you can taste the baking powder in it.I just use 1 heaped tsp of BP to each cup of flour - in all scones.People used to come for miles to get my sconeswhen we had our coffee bar.Plainand date.Just popped the dates in the food processor to chop when adding in the butter.

We never did cheese scones, instead savoury muffins.I can't stomach cheese scones and don't enjoy savoury muffins but I do love cheese on everything else - not sure why its so yuck in scones (for me).

pickles7, Sep 11, 9:15pm
Pull apart Cheese and onion... Scones.

4 cups of flour,
1 tsp salt,
2 tsp baking soda,
4 tsp cream of tartar,

200grams of grated cheese,
1/2 a medium onion very finely chopped,
1 egg,
100 grams of melted butter,
1 and 1/2 cups of milk, may need a little more

Sift all the dry ingredients,
melt the butter,
beat the egg in a measuring jug,
add the melted butter,
then milk to make up to 2 cups of liquid
add the milk mixture to the dry ingredients ,
mix lightly, adding more milk so the mixture is not crumbly at all,
I tip my scones straight out onto a floured baking tray.
I cut them on the tray, using a wet knife
I sprinkle more grated cheese over the top,
bake 15-20 minutes in a 250%C oven.

510, Sep 11, 11:55pm
I use cream instead of butter

fitness_shack, Mar 12, 5:05pm
can I use marge instead of butter - we ran out of butter making other stuff. I have substituted marge for butter in other recipes but not quite so scrumptious as butter recipe.