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susan21, May 11, 8:46am
Would it be possible to make cheese scones without butter?

meescha, May 11, 8:56am
I Never Put Cheese In Mine

zoomlens12, May 11, 8:56am
Just saw NZ Marster Chefs mum making cheese scones tonight. No recipe, just SR Flour, grated cheese sand blue top milk. Mix together and sprinkle more cheese on top, bake in hottest setting on oven and ready when puffed and golden brown. Looked fantastic.

meescha, May 11, 8:57am
Oops ~ That Should Read Butter

zoomlens12, May 11, 8:57am
heheheh just relised I'm in hubby's TM account, lolz

lilyfield, May 11, 9:06am
no need for butter with that amount of cheese in it. Also rather expensive and fattening.

245sam, May 11, 9:06am
zoomlens12, although we were initially told her scones were only "SR Flour, grated cheese and blue top milk" Brett's Mum did say later in that Close Up item that there was "a secret ingredient and no-one saw me put that in", however I do agree with all the above who don't think butter is essential in cheese scones - if using tasty cheese and blue top milk there should be sufficient fat content to make good butterless cheese scones - after all it's very possible to make good scones, i. e. other than cheese, without any butter but using cream instead of the butter and milk. :-))

lilyfield, May 11, 9:08am
her secret ingredient cold have beenchilli powder, gives a good "bite" to the cheese flavor.

rei7, May 11, 9:09am
I made the scones and they were delicious. sr flour, plenty of cheese, apinch of salt, half a tsp dry mustard, half tsp sugar, mixed with light milk and a scoop of greek yoghurt. Scones are very forgiving and I never make them the same way twice. Of course grated cheese on top too. Looked just like the ones on tv.

fpress, May 11, 9:11am
I saw that on TV! ! ! I have been making those scones for blinkin years- recipe passed to me from my mother... ... i know the secret ingredient! Cayenne.
My Mum was famous for her cheese scones and was always asked to make them for functions etc.

fpress, May 11, 9:13am
Oh and despite SR flour, Mum always put in 2 teaspoons of baking powder as well, and a dash of salt.

245sam, May 11, 9:34am
fpress, my Mum has always done that too - i. e. the 2 tsp baking powder even when using self-raising flour.
Although it's a while since I had any of Mum's scones and she very rarely bakes now for health reasons, I DO still remember how nice, light and fluffy her scones always were and she told me the 'secret' to them being like that was that extra raising agent/baking powder .

cookessentials, May 11, 9:35am
I did wonder LOL

elliehen, May 11, 9:46am
I always put a generous pinch of cayenne pepper in cheese scones - it gives a 'bite' to the cheese and means you can use a cheaper mild cheese like Edam instead of a tasty cheese. Cayenne is good in savoury muffins too :)

susan21, May 11, 7:15pm
I saw NZ Masterchefs Mum tonight, thats why I asked. Thanks for all your advice. Her scones looked wonderful compared to mine, so Im going to give it a go.

rainrain1, May 11, 8:38pm
Yes cayenne! Thats what I though the secret ingredient would be

julmar, May 11, 9:37pm
I make mine without butter if I have to, the grated cheese works well, but not quite the same.

As a footnote. I don't use milk as such. We use milk powder as we live out of twn, have just gotten used to not buying it. I make my scones with 2 TBSP milk powder and then add water to the mix. Nice , light and fluffy

cookessentials, May 11, 9:52pm
I use a little cayenne in mine. and plenty of cheese - nothing worse than a scone with minimal cheese or other ingredients - like "spot the date" or "spot the raisin"

speedy_11, May 12, 1:51am
Same recipe I have always used, (the cayenne is awesome in anything with cheese - ie cheese sauces etc).

Secret is in the kneading, spend a good few minutes kneading on a floured bench for best results.

elliehen, May 12, 2:14am
Masterchef Brett, in a brief aside during the TV clip, said he was going to ask his mother for her cheese scone recipe for his forthcoming winner's cookbook... she replied that it would 'cost' him ;)

taurus2005, May 12, 3:01am
what ration of baking powder to the SR Flour please.

susieq9, May 12, 3:21am
I put cayanne in as well. Also use cream that has gone sour, add a little water to it. Light and fluffy.

speedy_11, May 12, 3:55am
No baking powder if you are using self raising flour.

I use regular high grade flour and add 1 teaspoon baking powder to each cup of flour.

speedy_11, May 12, 3:57am
Didn't have quite enough milk one day, and popped some cream in too... ... . . they were divine!

245sam, May 12, 4:05am
speedy11, as can be seen in #11 and #12 above, using baking powder as well as self-raising flour is a well proven 'trick'/'secret' to achieve light and fluffy scones - my Mum has done it for years as has fpress's Mum.

taurus2005 - 2 tsp baking powder to 3-4 cups self-raising flour is the ratio that Mum used I believe. :-))