I have to make scones today but have no milk but

jills3, Oct 7, 7:17pm
I do have diet lemonade, can I just replace the milk and sugar with diet lemonade?? thank you.

lilyfield, Oct 7, 7:39pm
i often make scones without milk-just water and BP and a bit of marg plus salt and sugar(a wee bit). why waste a tin of lemonade on it? that adds an extra dollar to the costs. Unless you have plenty...

jills3, Oct 7, 7:53pm
Thanks lilyfield, great help.I have abit of flat d/lemonade hanging fire, but I will try your recipe, thank you.

cookessentials, Oct 7, 8:56pm
There is a lemonade scone recipe on the board somewhere.

coolthree, Oct 8, 4:57am
I'm visting some friends in Wellington this weekend being taken to a Greek cafe tonight...what to expect.

lilyfield, Oct 8, 5:41am
probably not scones. lol

winnie15, Oct 22, 12:03am
i use a milk powder scone recipe .. it's yummy . probably handy to have a small pack of milk powder in the fridge for times like this.

kiwibubbles, Jun 17, 7:00pm
Theo's Tavern? i'veheard heaps about that place.