L&p scones

bencrous, Sep 12, 9:41pm
do you think i can do them without cream, just milk?

nauru, Sep 13, 4:31am
You could give it a go.I have used half cream half milk when not enough cream for recipe before and they turned out OK.

gardie, Sep 13, 4:41am
I'd melt some butter to add to increase fat content.

littlememories, Sep 19, 9:07pm
isn't the whole point of L & P Scones to remove the milk? or is it a taste thing?

alebix, Sep 20, 1:46am
no, the cream is there to replace the butter (fat) in the scone.

As said before I would add a bit of butter if using straight milk.

daleaway, Sep 20, 2:59am
Without fat your scones are going to taste pretty much like dampers.
All right providing you eat them right away. Scones with fat stay moist a little bit longer.

el_pirato, Sep 20, 7:42am
I was taught by a Chef in Rotorua to use a 2 litre bottle of L&P, 2 litres of milk and 2 litres of cream. Add to flour as normal, and when ready, LIGHTLY knead out onto a floured board. Cut into squares approx 10cm square, and put into oven to cook.

Adjust the liquid ingredients according to the amount of scones you want to make - I have used this recipe for years, and no one else I know can make scones that turn out this big.

Her scones used to sell in a tourist attraction for $6.50 each, and are light and fluffy when made using this recipe.

The L&P mixed with the cream and milk produces CO2 gas, hence the massive size.

arkle16, Sep 20, 9:11am
Are L & P scones the same as lemonade ones (can you substitute the lemonade for L&P).Thanks.

alebix, Sep 20, 9:32am
So is lift, quite nice when you spread lemin curd on it.

el_pirato, Apr 4, 11:51am
Yup ..
Any clearish carbonated drink works but I've found that L&P just has it's own flavour in the scones ..