Lime marmalade recipe needed - similar to Roses ?

dibble35, Mar 13, 3:58am
Hi, has anyone got a lime marmalade recipe that ends up similar in taste to the Roses Lime Marmalade? Love that stuff, and it is the only marmalade i will eat. Have got plenty of limes on the tree for the first time this year and would love to try making some. TIA

davidt4, Mar 13, 4:34am
Lime Marmalade

Simmer whole fruit covered with water 30 min. Slice and return to same water and leave overnight.

Add (for every 10 limes) juice of one lemon. Measure equal volume of sugar, mix in and stir over heat until dissolved. Boil until it sets (10 min plus).

Remove any obvious pips

Also use method for other citrus.

dibble35, Mar 13, 4:43am
Thanx David, thinly sliced lime? like with a mandoline slicer?
I've been googling a few recipes and they call for adding any pips tied up in muslin for good fruit set, but using the whole lime the marmalade sets OK?
Im just a but wary as my guava jelly didnt set and I had to reboil it the next day, thanx

vonkrum, Mar 13, 5:44am
davidt4 is that equal parts sugar to liquid cup amounts.

davidt4, Mar 13, 5:49am
Thinly sliced by hand. Marmalade sets well because there is a lot of pectin in the rind.

davidt4, Mar 13, 5:50am
Equal volumes of sugar and fruit mixture i.e. 1 c sugar to 1 c fruit.

dibble35, Mar 13, 5:57am
Awesome, I might make it this week, just got to find some smaller jars first.

dibble35, Mar 16, 3:02am
I made the lime marmalade today, tastes OK. Bit bitter, but then it is marmalade. True test will be on toast for breakfast tomorrow. Hope i like it as got 9+ jars of the stuff. Can you make such a thing as lime Jelly? I saw 1 recipe online but I was a bit unsure as it had no pith or pips to help set it. Or would the lime juice and lime zest be enough to get a good set? Any recipes or suggestions gratefully received.

uli, Mar 16, 5:28am
If you are not worried about appearances then you can do it the quick way which is to halve the fruit, get rid of the pips if there are any and then put it through the mincer. Cook with a little water until very soft, then add the sugar. Do not add the sugar immediately as the rind will not get soft!

This is what I do with Buddhas hand citron and also with all the tiny mandarins which are not really worth peeling and everybody loves it.

dibble35, Mar 16, 5:47am
So uli, is that like a citrus jam? Is it bitter at all from the pith and rind still, or not as bad as marmalade, I've still got about another half bucket of limes I would like to make something with. I might have to resort to a nice lime cordial if I dont fancy anything else. Dont want to waste my first good crop of limes. thanks :-)

davidt4, Mar 16, 6:19am
Marmalade is always bitter, that is part of its flavour. If you don’t appreciate bitterness you will need to make something else.

Limes keep well in the fridge. I use them in many South East Asian dishes, especially Vietnamese and Thai.

dibble35, Mar 16, 6:47am
I know marmalade is always bitter, thats why my last post up a little bit i was asking about making Lime Jelly (like guava Jelly) I thought you were responding to that post. I used half a pot of my lime marmalade to glaze a ham this afternoon. Got a good deal at the reduced to clear shop, went halves with mum, its rather tasty, nibbled on it so much when I was carving it up i didnt need any dinner.

akl439, Mar 16, 8:26am
This is 'Jayne's nearly Roses lime marmalade' - worth a try if you still have lots of limes.

crazynana, Mar 18, 3:06am
I make lemon marmalade as we get heaps of lemons on our tree. I just cut them in half and flick out the pips them whizz them up in the kitchen whizz. But I do use Jam Sugar and not just ordinary sugar, and I think that makes a difference. I imagine using limes would be just as easy and taste as good as Roses.

uli, Mar 18, 5:50am
There is no such thing as "citrus jam".

It is either marmalade (which by definition is made from citrus and so will be bitter) or it is jam which is made from everything else and is usually just sweet with not much taste (except you do things like strawberry and rhubarb).

So take your pick!

uli, Mar 18, 5:52am
If you " dont want to waste your first good crop of limes" - then freeze them either whole, halved or grate the rind off and freeze the juice. You will have all options then :)

wheelz, Sep 12, 12:42am
I've found that limes hold well on the tree, so no need to pick them all. I adore lime anything. so stretch mine out.
I've made lime marmalade, I wanted mine to look pretty in the jar, so peeled and finely sliced the rind. I do remember leaving the sliced rind,lime flesh and lemon pips in muslin, covered in water overnight. something to do with softening the rind, therefore reducing the cooking time.

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