Need a good marmalade recipe

coolthree, Sep 3, 12:09am
Sugar free, useing splender as a replacement.have oranges, grapefruit, lemons an limes. Uli you around !

uli, Sep 3, 10:44pm
Yes I am around.

coolthree, Sep 4, 12:04am
Hey, mate do you have something in your collection please, always enjoy your support and expertise.

coolthree, Sep 4, 12:19am
Was hopeing to make a three fruit batch, have heaps of grapefruit, oranges lemons and limes.

buzzy110, Sep 4, 4:41am
cooltree. Let me quote Dr Bernstein on the subject of powdered artificial sweeteners as he puts is clearly and concisely.

"US food labelling laws have permitted products to be called "sugar-free" if they do not contain common table sugar (sucrose. By using another sugar as a substitute for sucrose, which is permitted, the packager can deceive the consumer legally. Most so-called sugar-free products have been, for many years, full of sugars that may not promote tooth decays but most certainly will raise your blood sugar."

I am not sure if your a using Splenda because of weight management, diabetes or your are low carb, but it is providing you with no benefit unless you use just the drops or pill.

It is often the lot of us low carb people to point out that rather than try and find substitutes for foods that have proven to be less than healthy, people are always better off changing the way they eat entirely.

buzzy110, Sep 4, 4:49am
Now after that dousing with cold water I will offer you some suggestions of what you could do to make yourself a marmalade using all your wonderful fruits. I have never done any of these myself but if I did then I would use my intelligence and what little knowledge I had plus a great deal of reading of instructions to experiment till I came up with a product that would pass muster.

Jams and marmalades do not set unless there is plenty of pectin in the mix so make sure you have pectin handy. Agar is a seaweed product that sets when heated. Gelatine dissolves in heat and sets as it cools. Guar gum (not recommended for coeliac) is another product that will set things. You could try any one or combination of these substances, plus liquid drops of Splenda, or whatever and see what results. Who knows. YOu may be able to tell us how to make a passable jam or marmalade.

Just remember that jam and marmalade do have some give in them so that they are spreadable and that without the sugar there is a high possibility that their shelf life will be greatly reduced so best to store in the fridge.

Good luck with your experimenting and let us know how you got on.

uli, Sep 4, 4:57am
I have never made jam with splenda or any other artificial sweetener (because I don't use them), so I cannot give you a recipe. The traditional way would be 1kg fruit to 1kg of sugar.

If you want to try a sugar free "jam" - then check this out:

Since the sugar is what keeps the jam/marmalade you will have to store it in the freezer if you use artificial sweetener plus either pectin or gelatin to set it. Otherwise it will go off.

Good luck!

coolthree, Sep 4, 5:45am
Cheers buzzy and as always uli.

uli, Sep 5, 4:20am
Make sure to let us know how you got on. I have never attempted this - so it would be good to know how it works! Cheers! :)

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