Foolproof Lime Marmalade Recipe

littlemissy1, Aug 5, 2:31am
Or other lime preserve recipes please. I have just ordered 5kg of limes and would love to make some marmalade (never made it before) need a really good recipe, pref with "bits" in it.

davidt4, Aug 5, 3:43am
Lime Marmalade(or any sour citrus)

Simmer whole fruit,barely covered with water, 30 min.Slice and return to same water and leave overnight.Remove pips.

For every 10 limes add juice of one lemon.Measure equal volume of sugar, mix in and stir over heat until dissolved.Boil until it sets (10 min plus).

Check for pips again, leave to cool for 10 minutes then bottle.

carlosjackal, Aug 5, 5:00am
Earlier this year I wanted to make Lime Marmalade, and not unlike you, I hadn't made marmalade before. I wanted it to taste like Rose's Lime Marmalade.well, I have to say, it turned out as good - if not better, and I was oh so proud!Here it is:

Lime & Lemon Marmalade:

425g limes
540g lemons
2 litres water
1 3/4 kg sugar (approx.)

1.Remove rind from fruit and cut into thin strips.

2.Remove and reserve pith, chop the flesh roughly and reserve the pips.

3.Combine the strips of rind, flesh and water in large saucepan.

4.Tie pith and seeds in a piece of muslin and add to pan.

5.Being to the boil, simmer, covered for about 1 hour (or atleast until the
rind is soft). Then discard the muslin 'bag'.

6.Measure the fruit mixture and alow 3/4 cup of sugar to each cup of fruit

7.Return the fruit mixture and sugar to the pan.

8.Stir over heat without boiling, until the sugar is dissolved.

9.Bring to the boil, and boil uncovered, without stirring, for about 20 mins
or until the marmalade jells when tested.

10.Pour into sterilised jars and seal when cold.

TIP: Test the level of pectin before adding the sugar with 2 teaspoons of methylated spirits pored over teaspoon of juice (using a glass) and if it forms into a solid mass then it is high in pectin and you can be assured the marmalade/jam will set.

littlemissy1, Aug 5, 5:19am
Thank you both for the posts and tips!

carlosjackal.Rose's is just what I want (or better) but I looked at their lime one the other day and there was no bits so your recipe will be good if it has the rind in it. I have jars, mutton cloth, limes are on their way, lemons I will have to hunt for but I think there is a tree down the road so maybe I can do a deal with the people there lol. Dont have meths but I suppose i could buy a bottle. I'm getting so excited about it!

carlosjackal, Aug 5, 5:35am
Honestly, my husband and I reckon it's nicer that Roses Lime Marmalade and it has lots of rind in it - actually, I added a bit more rind that was suggested only cos I wanted lots "floating" around in it! Though, there would have been plenty if I'd stuck rigidly to the amount called for in the recipe. Incidentally, don't be too alarmed if the Lime rind loses it's colour a bit - it will.but you'll see; it'll turn out fabulous! (I promise!)

littlemissy1, Aug 5, 6:37am
Now I am getting excited, I brought 2 dozen round jars then a lot of 72 jars and my friends thought I had lost the plot *evil laugh* once my jars of fresh lime marmalade and lemon honey catch their eye who will be laughing! Muaha! lol I can almost taste it.

soph001, Aug 5, 6:37am
Why isn't there such a thing as Lemon Marmalade!

davidt4, Aug 5, 6:42am
There is.

littlemissy1, Aug 5, 7:39am
So do I wait for it to go cold before putting lids on! I thought you were supposed to put lids on when they were hot

imrae1, Aug 5, 8:30am
Marmalade can be made with any mix of citrus fruit to your taste.

carlosjackal, Aug 5, 9:45am
Well actually, I put the lids on straight away while the jars were hot, and it hasn't resulted in having any problems. The recipe does say to put the lids on when cold.personally, I can't really see what difference it makes.

zappi, Aug 6, 2:24am
thanks carlosjackal, Im going to give this a try.I too like the Roses Lime Marmalade but have wanted a tried recipe to make my own.
Thank you again.

littlemissy1, Aug 7, 12:31pm
Well my limes are on their way so maybe I will try both and see. Thanks muchly :)

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