Potatoes to die for recipe

joanne83, Jun 22, 8:08am
Can anyone supply a recipe called “Potatoes to die for”. I think it may be an Alison Holst recipe. I have had it at barbeques and would love to make it. Very similar to a potato bake.
Thanks in advance.

joanne83, Jun 22, 9:53am
Please disregard. I have found the recipe!

awoftam, Jun 22, 9:57am
Feel free to share.

linette1, Jun 22, 10:07am
joanne83 could you share your recipe please?

karlymouse, Jun 22, 10:27am
Perhaps this was the link - although the colour of the cheese indicates its probably American

petmacorpltd, Jun 22, 11:04am
karlymouse - recipes in that link are so gross!

davidt4, Jun 22, 11:13am
Awful! The writing’s pretty bad too.

hound31, Jun 22, 12:43pm
Funeral potatoes? Lol. is that an American thing for the post service "do"

korban, Jun 23, 2:58am
It sure is a lovely recipe. I might have to make it again soon.

standard, Jun 23, 4:09am
I just found a receipe on Genius kitchen on the internet.

joanne83, Jun 23, 4:42am
Here's the recipe. I found I had it in the gold Alison Holst book. I haven’t tried it yet so am not sure if it is the one I have tasted but think it is.
1.5kg waxy or all purpose potatoes
¼ cup flour
½ tsp salt
2 cups sour cream
½ cup milk
200gm gruyère cheese, grated

Scrub and slice potatoes. Put in cold water.
Drain and transfer to microwave dish. Cover and cook 12-15 minutes until tender.
Mix garlic, flour, salt, sour cream and milk.
Grease or spray a 23 x 30cm dish.
Overlap half the potatoes in the dish. Drizzle almost half the sauce over, then sprinkle almost half the cheese over.
Repeat with another layer.
Bake uncovered at 180C for about 30 minutes, until topping is golden brown.

cinderellagowns, Jun 23, 10:34pm
Wow - it appears "funeral potatoes" are a cheesy, artery clogging concoction with cornflakes on top. Can't say it appeals to me, but I guess it could be deemed the ultimate comfort food if that's what you grew up with.

bella95, Jun 24, 11:50am
Yum. Thanks. Absolutely love Potatoes Au Gratin and Scalloped Potatoes but mine always turn out watery. Will try yours.

clawed2, Jun 25, 6:55am
I found too lot of recipes turned watery, so par boiled the sliced potatoes and barely covered them with cream , added cheese and a drizzle of melted butter and cooked uncovered, The best result so far.

bella95, Jun 25, 7:17am
Thanks clawed. Will definitely try that next time.

biddy6, Jun 26, 3:59am
After reading this thread recently, I read a lot of recipies on the net and cooked this one last night.
I cubed par cooked tatties instead of using hash browns and added cayenne and spring onions to the mix. Used a 250 gr of Noble cheese & about 75 g of gruyere. Very, very delicious and makes heaps.


jbsouthland, Jun 26, 4:40am
I had a recipe for a delicious one using tin of corn , cream , precooked bacon , onions , half cooked spuds and a large pkt of cream of chicken soup . lost the recipe over the years . boy it was scrummy .

biddy6, Jun 26, 5:13am
You’d love this one then jbs. Anything could be added to it. I have put a lot if it in the freezer because it made so much, but next time I’ll add leeks.

I’ve never used soup for a base other than in dip - times are a changing

sossie1, Jun 26, 5:19am
My budget one is
Loads of sliced precooked spuds
1 small container of sour cream, with salt, pepper and garlic

I place one small teaspoon of the sour cream mixture on each slice of potato, do up in layers, sometimes I also put a layer of grated cheese between each layer, top with grated cheese and bake.
To make them crunchy, after they are cooked, I put on a layer of breadcrumbs mixed with grated cheese and paprika, then back in the oven on a high heat just to toast the top

bella95, Jun 26, 5:27am
I've got some leftover spuds, a can of reduced cream and a hankering for cheesey spuds.
Does anyone think l'd get away with using canned cream?

bella95, Jun 26, 7:11am
Oh dear. Is everyone off actually cooking their dinner?

lythande1, Jun 26, 7:34am
Funeral potatoes?! Why, because shortly after eating that?

Hmmm. I was expecting a list of favourite potato recipes instead.
Left over mash - fry it up in bacon fat.
Serve with, of course, the bacon you grilled which is where you got the fat in the first place


steve0061, Jul 6, 6:29am
That sounds yum. I just made a similar dish the other day that Mum used to make growing up. indian Garunga potatoes which is very similar but I used vegan ingredients. Might do the same for this recipe thanks.


lazkaz, Aug 6, 9:51am
Cook nice potatoes, (boil) drain water, leave til still warm, mix grated cheese, carton of either cream cheese (too rich for me) or sour cream or yoghurt, and crumble feta cheese through, finely chopped spring onion, parsley and p and s, mix gently and it is sure delicious, mum uses blue cheese. Just use the cheeses you like.

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