Recipe book for Weber BBQ?

sue62, Jul 6, 9:52pm
Has anyone found a good cook book to use with the Weber BBQ?

I thought I would buy one for hubby for his birthday.

autumnwinds, Jul 7, 4:24am
Not to buy, but this took less than 5 seconds.

and, if you've got good eyesight, you'll get "other ideas".

Short of that, any good BBQ book, or check out what's available at stores selling the BBQs.

eljayv, Jul 7, 4:26am
Seen them in mitre 10

homecleaner_aa1, Jul 7, 5:53am
you need to go Google and type in Weber BBQ Cookbooks and the first one showing is from of the Weber Bible free shipping and in NZ Dollars.

fannyadam, Jul 8, 8:03am
Any retailer that sells Weber will have a stock of the weber barbecue bible cookbook. $39.99. Fantastic book and makes a great gift for the person who has 'everything'!

wendalls, Jul 31, 8:56am
and join the weber facebook group for more ideas

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