Annabel Langbein new recipe book - Wedding gift ?

supercook, Jan 12, 3:25am
Do you think this would be a great wedding present? with a exchange card in case they have one.

charlieb2, Jan 12, 3:37am
If they are into cooking.. then yes. Otherwise, not really

kabbo, Jan 12, 4:29am
i think it would be ok as a wedding gift. it's a great book.....i got given it form my birthday recently.

rainrain1, Jan 12, 4:48am
It would be a lovely gift....:-)

sumstyle, Jan 12, 4:55am
I have the book, and it's good cos the ingredients aren't too way out so it means the meals are achievable even if you aren't a natural foodie

supercook, Jan 12, 6:30am
Ihave made a couple of the recipes that i got from tvnz website they turned out fantastic.

elliehen, Jan 12, 6:47am
I have given a very special cookbook as a wedding present on several occasions - the last time was for a couple heading off to the UK and they took it with them and were pleased that it would pack and travel easily.

lyl_guy, Jan 12, 8:02am
Yes, If they cook (and who doesn't?), and if they haven't already got it.It's a gorgeous book!

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