'00 flour for flatbread

thuntzster, Dec 1, 4:08am
Hi there, I have a recipe for flatbread that calls on '00 flour. Anyone know what I can use instead?

valentino, Dec 1, 4:10am
Use High Grade Flour

thuntzster, Dec 1, 4:17am
Thanks Valentino I will.

kay34, Dec 1, 7:56am
Try Bin Inn stores, Laucke Double 00 flour, maybe Kaans Catering?

autumnwinds, Nov 28, 4:59pm
I find 6/8 (3/4 of total amount) HG flour, and 1/8 each of arrowroot and cornflour does the trick for me, if I can't get 00 flour. And if I can't be bothered, then it's just HG flour.

Interesting article here -

The most important part of that link is this:
** Low Protein + Low Starch + Low Gluten = soft flour – 00 flour or high grade flour – use this for pasta, pizza and cakes as you would any high grade flour

High Protein +High Starch + High Gluten = hard flour – semolina flour or standard flour – perfect for bread doughs and most other uses.**

The actual science of baking is fascinating, isn't it?

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