Oil based cakes

marcs, Jun 17, 11:39am
With butter prices becoming not so affordable I am all for oil based cakes. They keep moist for a long time. Anyone have a basic vanilla cake or white cake recipe. I already have chocolate cake recipe and also Lemon cake recipe but just looking at making vanilla cupcakes with a oil based mix for our netball club.

autumnwinds, Jun 17, 11:46am
This is one I make quite often - plain or jazzed up, they're lovely and moist. There's tips in the recipe for changing the flavour, but the most I usually do is throw about 1/2 cup frozen blueberries or raspberries at the last minute.

bella95, Jun 17, 2:12pm
I use oil instead of butter in any recipe that calls for melted butter.

sarahb5, Jun 18, 6:49am
Don’t forget to add some extra salt if you’re doing a straight substitution

korbo, Jun 18, 9:24am
bella. how do you measure oil for butter.

marcs, Jun 18, 12:45pm
Thank you. I shall give it a go tomorrow.

tinkagirl, Jun 18, 10:40pm
I substitute oil for butter in ALL my cakes. Usually between 1/2 - 3/4 cups oil will do it. Just don't like to waste butter these days in a cake as they use to much of it. Almost cheaper to purchase cakes now from the local bakery lol.

lyndunc, Jun 18, 11:24pm
This looks great, I have been doing a lot of baking and using a lot of butter, but just went to Bin Inn and got some Canola Oil so will give these a go.

marcs, Jun 19, 5:22am
I use marge or cooking margarine as substitute for butter. Marg is much cheaper and does the same job as butter. I find substituting oil for butter spoils the texture and makes the cake oily. Oil is liquid which means you have to adjust other liquids. I am just trying to find cheaper alternatives without compromising on texture or flavour especially when I have to sell them. There are some very good oil based recipes out there. I also find oil based cakes keep longer and is a moist cake.

gayle6, Jun 19, 1:28pm
The general substitution of oil for butter is 3/4 the measure, that is 75 grams of olive oil for 100 grams of butter. I use olive oil in all my baking; biscuits and cakes. The NZ flavoured oils are also great to use. You can use a citrus flavoured oil and then don't need to add fruit zest.

korbo, Jun 20, 3:55am
made my good ole trademe muffins yesterday, and used a baking oil. seemed to make no difference,in taste, tho they were a little crumbly.

Anyone know why they would have been crumbly?

sarahb5, Aug 22, 5:00pm
That’s odd - usually the oil makes them more moist

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