Coconut cream/milk

kiwiscrapper1, May 3, 8:31pm
Recipe says coconut milk and I have cream, would it make much difference? Obviously creamer but anything else. TIA

petal1955, May 3, 8:54pm
Slighter richer.but I would use the cream

cosimo, May 4, 2:28am
Lots more calories, but if that doesn't matter, go for cream

autumnwinds, May 4, 6:06am
You do have to be more careful with the temperature with cream, as it will "split" more easily than coconut milk.

The flavour will be quite different, too.

bella95, May 4, 6:34am
Not sure if you mean Dairy cream or Coconut cream. If coconut it will be fine. if Dairy cream do as autumnwinds has said.

sarahb5, Sep 27, 7:54am
I would use slightly less coconut cream (say 1/4 or 1/3 less) but make up the volume with water

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