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autumnwinds, Jul 3, 1:59pm
A little controversy never hurt anyone.
Some goodies here. too good to lose
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wasala, Jul 3, 11:40pm
I've just finished making a batch and have changed from using evaporated milk to reduced cream. As Korbo said above, it's essentially the traditional kiwi onion dip but with two cups cheese added. They have to be served with melted butter on top. Also, I've noted that the $1 sandwich loaves from Countdown are useless. It's dearer, but the Tip Top bread folds nicely and doesn't break.

fifie, Jul 5, 7:20am
This brew is yummy to make a few for the freezer, bit different was published in Otago Daily Times.
250 gr butter, 250 gr flour, 800 ml milk, s/p, 1/2 small red onion, bunch spring onions, 250 gr cream cheese, 100gr grated cheese.
In a large saucepan melt butter, add flour, whisk well to còok out flour 2-3 minutes. Gradually add milk, whisking well till it comes up to a simmer to make a sauce. Take off heat. In a basin put cream cheese, add s/p diced red onion, sliced green onions, grated cheese, mix well and add to sauce mixture. Spread on very fresh bread roll up toast under grill serve with lashings of butter spread on top, or put into plastic bags and freeze.Depending how much filling you use takes around 2-3 loaves bread.

korbo, Jul 10, 5:15am
took me a while to find a thread with the **cheese rolls** on.
I am giving this a go.
left over onion dip, and grated cheese. rolled up, ready to go in the oven, but. what do I put on the top.

annies3, Jul 10, 5:17am
Nothing till they are toasted, then butter while they are hot, yumm

korbo, Jul 10, 5:31am
ok. thanks

korbo, Jul 10, 7:00am
not sure they were the best I have had. they kinda opened up, but were tasty. some I had when on holiday down the south I thought had cheese or butter on them when cooked.

grandmasterazz, Oct 17, 7:40am
Hey team!

just received a whole bunch of cheese rolls. c/- a fundraising effort. (no i wont name names :P) they are awesome. however they differ to "my grans' tried and true" **cheese-roll recipe** in fact they are savoury but sweet(ish?) was wondering to myself and my partner if there was a "quintessential" accepted recipe or what the variances were. in my thirty years here in southland (rural) this is my own personal first experience with "sweet" cheese-rolls. and i'm (we're) genuinely interested in what or how this has a sweet taste and the tastes of those about :P --- let me be clear no one recipe is wrong or right. just curious as to the differences or preferences. (i naively thought it was all basically the same consensus. . -> im looking at the powdered onion versus the real onion folk :P

awoftam, Oct 17, 8:35am
Really? Again?

timturtle, Oct 17, 8:40am
Just ask the fundraiser for the recipe They will tell you as it is probably not a secret and normally it is easier and cheaper to buy a couple of dozen than make your own AND it's going to a good cause.

Beats buying a raffle ticket. Lol

harrislucinda, Oct 17, 9:37am
mine is medium tin unsweetened condensed milk
8 oz grated cheese small onion cut up fine pkt of onion soup mix
melt altogether spread on to sliced bread roll up and grill

slimgym, Oct 17, 6:36pm
just put cheese roll in the search bar

annies3, Oct 17, 6:59pm
Well as a Southlander from way back talking 70 + years here I have to say the cheeze rolls we had were only ever in Oamaru so not really a Southland thing.
The recipes which have been on here before are fine.

245sam, Oct 17, 8:46pm
grandmasterazz, try doing a search here on the Recipes MB using cheese rolls as the Keywords and Last year as the Date posted.
You'll find a number of earlier threads with differing recipes, some apparently are the best so I suggest that you compare the recipes with the rolls you've had and decide which would suit you best according to what you liked/didn't like so much about those rolls. :-))

maynard9, Oct 17, 9:18pm
I do the standard tin evaporated milk, pkt onion soup mix and 2 cups grated cheese but add small tin of crushed pineapple - well drained, and cooked chopped streaky bacon.

melcraig, Oct 18, 9:57am
It's nice that a few people came into this thread and answered helpfully! As for the rest. best check ya bums!

jazzryn, Oct 18, 10:10am
Yum Maynard, just may have to try adding the pineapple and bacon next time.

maynard9, Oct 18, 7:07pm
I sometimes wish I hadn't added to the original tho as whenever I ask my family what they want they say "the deluxe ones please".
It is a bit more work but when you eat them you are please you have done it.
I decided to try it as I well remember those cheese and pineapple sticks we had in the 60s and how they are a match made in heaven.
Was stirring the original recipe together over the stove one day and suddenly thought of it.
Happened to have a packet of Streaky Bacon in the fridge at the time so thought "Why not".
Didn't tell the family - just waited for their reaction with their first bite.
Oh - and I never bother removing the crust from the bread.

wasala, Oct 18, 8:59pm
I use evaporated milk and onion soup mix and add some chopped chives and a little mustard.

ruby2shoes, Oct 18, 9:19pm
well as a North Islander, I may have to give these a go sometime soon.

awoftam, Oct 19, 6:42am
Why? Are you hiding in there?

fifie, Oct 19, 7:49am
Everyone has got their own version of cheese rolls. If you get sick of cheese filling, spread with left over mince, or creamed corn, roll up toast as usual serve with lashings of butter.

melcraig, Oct 19, 10:37am
oh no, no! Yours has something far larger than me!

ehance2011, Oct 19, 10:03pm
why waste a good crust, i leave mine on.
mine is the evaporate milk,onion soup mix. cheese.


grated cheese. finely diced onion. 1/2 packet of onion soup mix. boiling water, mix to a paste and u know the rest.

neil_di, Oct 25, 12:20am
FRI, 27 APR 2012
Joy Jones' "ultimate" southern cheese roll recipe

0 Joy Jones "ultimate" cheese rolls
Try Joy Jones' 'ultimate' southern cheese roll recipe, winner at the New Zealand International Science Festival.


500 grams grated cheese (Mainland Mild Blend or Mild Cheddar)
1 tin Nestle carnation evaporated milk
1 pkt Maggi onion soup mix
1 finely chopped onion
1 teaspoon mustard powder
¼ cup cream

Heat in microwave for 6 mins, stirring in between
Cool, then spread lengthways onto sliced white bread
Roll into cheese rolls (3 folds) Grill each side then butter and serve.

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