Garlic oil.

susieq9, Apr 27, 2:56am
Does anyone know where I can buy garlic oil for cooking. Have tried New World and other supermarkets. tia

petal1955, Apr 27, 4:10am
Mske your own.put peeled garlic bulbs into Olive Oil.Leave to infuse

sarahb5, Apr 28, 2:21am
Garlic flavoured olive oil at Countdown

susieq9, Apr 28, 4:17am
Will have a look in Countdown.

sarahb5, Apr 28, 4:28am

samanya, Apr 28, 4:47am
I was trying to think of the name . Cobram!
Their lemon oil is rather nice, too.

buzzy110, Apr 28, 4:51am
If you are up for a taste treat and the olive oil is good EVA then try lemon infused olive oil with vanilla ice cream.

sarahb5, Apr 28, 6:12am
Yes it is - delicious on chicken and fish

samanya, Apr 28, 6:22am
Not something that I have heard of, but I reckon it could be a great taste.
I almost want to make or buy ice cream . not a regular thing in my freezer.

sarahb5, Apr 28, 7:02am
Sounds good - like balsamic vinegar on strawberries

samanya, Apr 28, 7:19am
Yep, isn't that a taste treat?

sarahb5, Apr 28, 7:30am
It certainly is - who’d have thought? My dad used to put fresh ground black pepper on strawberries and that’s delicious too - really brings out the flavour

susieq9, Apr 29, 12:08am
Thanks for the suggestions. The lemon oil sounds nice, especially when cooking fish.

sarahb5, Apr 29, 1:15am
The garlic oil is delicious with broccoli - just a few splashes and then cooked in the microwave - covered but no water

davidt4, Sep 28, 11:11pm
There is also an Italian mandarin-infused ev olive oil which is heavenly. I think the brand is Colonna.

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