Garlic butter

cmx4eva, May 10, 4:16am
have some garlic cloves,can you assist with a method please?

mackenzie2, May 10, 4:18am
Soften butter, a 1/4 cup to 1 clove garlic,
Add crushed/mashed garlic, chopped parsley if you have it
Mix all together and spread on bread, you can either put the loaf back together wrap
in tin foil and bake, or grill individual slices

cmx4eva, May 10, 4:24am
does the garlic require cooking in some way first?

falcon-hell, May 10, 4:25am

cmx4eva, May 10, 4:45am
ok=itsnowin the oven,thanks folks

cmx4eva, May 10, 5:02am
mmmmmm,nice aye

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