Plum jam?

grouch, Jan 21, 7:58pm
Have made a batch of Damson plum jam. I did 1kg of plums and 1kg of sugar and no water. It has set perfectly and does taste great. Sharp and thats how I like it but I like my jam a little bit more runny as this jam is a little too firm. If I had added a little water would this make my jam more runny or would I reduce the boiling time? Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

cgvl, Jan 21, 8:22pm
I would probably reduce boiling time to start with.

petal1955, Jan 22, 12:08am
Add a little water to each jar so it to your liking

nauru, Jan 22, 6:29am
Just add some water to each jar as you open it and give it a good stir, should be OK. I have done this on occasion when my jam has set too firmly.

pickles7, Oct 29, 6:18pm
Easy to avoid this problem. Buy a sugar thermometer. boil after the sugar has been added and dissolved, until it reaches the ''jelly''temp

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