Plum Pudding

ethel5, Dec 7, 12:43am
my nana used to make one,it was in a floured cloth and boiled.It had raisons,currents,and sultanas only.No breadcrumbs or golden syrup.VERY,VERY dark,rich and moist with a 'skin' on it.Could just slice and eat it like cake.Have tried Edmonds recipe and various others but they don't even come close to my nana's recipe.This was a 'handed down' recipe.Unfortunately it wasn't passed on.
Was wondering if anyone had a similar recipe they would share?

bugsbunny1, Dec 7, 4:13am
Plum Pudding - my MIL used to make this is in a floured cloth, it was really good.Where there is 2 cups of sultanas you could put fruit of your choice.

Fill cup with boiling water and melt a good knob of butter.
Dissolve 2 tsp soda in 1 cup milk.

2 cups flour, 1 cup sugar, 1tsp Nutmeg or Mixed Spice, pinch salt.

Mix together, leave over night.

Cook 3 hrs

ethel5, Dec 7, 4:59am
forgot to add that my nana also used shreddo and cold black tea in the plum pudding.

rubyjane11, Dec 7, 5:11am "cloothie dumpling"...that is exactly what you are after

jerrytravis, Dec 16, 4:03am
sending up

floralsun, Dec 16, 5:16am
Is the same or similar to the Edmonds overnight pudding - is very good.

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