Plum Jam

jojonz1, Jan 1, 9:26am
Wanting to make some plum jam but don't have a recipe for it would someone kindly give me a recipe, thank you:-)

noonesgirl, Jan 1, 10:45am
Plum Jam (Aunt Daisy)
3lb plums
3 breakfastcups water
5 breakfastcups sugar
Put fruit & water into pan & cook till plums are soft. Add sugar & boil swiftly till a little tried sets. Remove stones as they rise to the surface.

jojonz1, Jan 2, 2:26am
Cheers, thank you for that:-)

beaker59, Jan 2, 3:34am
My plums are about a week away from ready can't wait, jars and sugar poised ready. Our tree has nice big red fleshed plums perfect for jam and desserts the tree produces heaps of fruit but it all seems to be ripe on one day each year next day its all on the ground and rotting. Just about finished the last jar from last year so perfect timing :)

jojonz1, Jan 2, 5:39am
I made 11 jars of jam, yummy!!!

beaker59, Jan 2, 6:11am
Well done, go you :)

tedddybear, Jan 5, 1:46am
i have made plum jam using Aunt Daisy's recipe but thought it was a bit sweet. the next batch i made i only put 4 cups sugar and found that was better. still Yummy:)

darlingmole, Jan 5, 2:13am
Question: with Aunt Daisy's recipe do you have to take the skin off or does that float to the top along with the stones?And do you have to use a jam setting agent?And (yes iI know, a lot of questions!) but can this recipe be used for other fruit too??Many thanks

darlingmole, Jan 5, 8:00am
bumpity bump~!

darlingmole, Jan 5, 8:38pm
please, anyone, before I start making jam (for the 1st time!)

cgvl, Jan 6, 12:00am
no dont take skin off, nor stones out but you can de stone the plums if you prefer and skin just takes time.

davidt4, Jan 6, 12:16am
It is a good idea to count the number of plums.Then you can count the stones later to be certain that you have removed them all.

jubellsrose, Jan 6, 12:25am
good idea

buzzy110, Jan 6, 3:54am
d/mole. the reason you do not take the stones out is because that is where the pectin is and if you want your jam to set properly you will need the stones. If you have big plums you, maybe, can cut in half, remove the stones and put them into a muslin bag and remove at the end of the cooking process.

My mother always kept the skins on. I liked the skins in the jam. I think they gave it more 'body and texture' but it is not to everyone's 'taste'. You can sort of remove them during the cooking process if you want but personally, I wouldn't.

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