Best place to Buy chefs uniform in Auckland?

leebee35, Jan 25, 10:20am
Anyone have any recommendations. plz

jaymar, Jan 25, 10:51am
try a uniform shop

aktow, Jan 25, 3:17pm
house of knives

24 Mt Eden-Road
Mt Eden
Auckland 1023
Ph 64 9 302 2980

willyow, Jan 25, 5:05pm
Google it - there are lots of outlets - or maybe

joybells2, Jan 25, 6:58pm
Any wholesalers or suppliers that are involved in restaurant/hotel supplies.

action351, Jan 25, 7:32pm
Gilmours. Saw them yesterday in Henderson

punkinthefirst, Jan 26, 1:50am
House of Knives. Remember to ask for a trade discount, if you are eligible.

chchgurl, Jan 26, 7:47pm
Cheapest I have found is on here. I just keep an eye out for when someone like arrow uniform has a sale. I have picked up new jackets for $25 + shipping.

racecom, Jan 26, 11:15pm
Try Chef Shop, in Either Northcote or Khyber Pass

deus701, Apr 15, 2:49am
Chefshop has cheap ones. I bought a few, the stitching came off the right arm side. I prefer pro-chef brand, it cost around $50 at southern hospitality but one day when I was at gilmours, I saw them selling for $35

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