Champion Strong Flour

lenart, Feb 6, 10:42pm
Hi all,
Anyone interested in buying 15kg of Champion Strong Bakers Flour Beta? It is great for artisan bread making because of its high protein content, it is milled from hard wheat. It is sold in 20kg and I need only 5kg of it. I mainly bake with rye flour and this one I use for bagels and pita bread and don't use much. If anyone in Manukau is interested I can take out 5kg from the bag and you will get the rest of the bag. The cost for 15kg is $17 ($1.13 a kilo). Let me know if you are interested in this. Cheers. Elena

griffo4, Feb 7, 2:38am
Where did you buy it from?
l am looking at getting some strong flour for my bread making but haven't been able to find it

lenart, Feb 7, 3:03am
It is sold in Gilmour's and I find it better than high grade flour from supermarket. I bake sourdough bread myself and the difference in dough elasticity is noticeable. My sourdough starter also likes this flour :) Just don't need all 20kg

lilyfield, Feb 7, 8:38pm
keep it,
I live on my own , do not eat much bread, but always buy 20 kilo bags, tightly sealed in buckets it keeps well in my garage.

I bake bread to take as gifts and pot luck dinners etc, instead of sweet stuff

griffo4, Feb 7, 9:02pm
l make sour dough bread as well
l have read on here that some people keep their flour in the freezer and use it straight from there l have kept mine in there and not noticed any difference so you could look at storing it in the freezer and not have to part with it

lenart, Feb 8, 12:15am
You are right, storing white flour is not a problem, it doesn't even need a freezer. The problem for me is that I only use white flour for a small segment of my baking. I buy whole rye grains, whole wheat, whole oats in sacks and mill my own flour. Plus add different grains, like barley, buckwheat, rice, millet, etc. Plus I buy small bags of plain flour for other uses where high gluten is not required. Even these 5-10kg of white flour take me up to 10 months to finish, it's only two of us.

griffo4, Feb 8, 3:10am
l looked up Gilmours web site and the only flour l could find was Champion Pearl High Ratio Flour
is that the one you have bought or not?

lenart, Feb 8, 4:06am
Search inside the catalogue for Beta. This one is milled from hard wheat and suitable for artisan bread. High Ratio seems to be cake flour.

lenart, Feb 8, 4:29am
And I haven't bought it yet, it is still in the shop, just trying to find someone to split it with. Buzzy was interested before Christmas, but I just run out now and buzzy seems to be not here.

lenart, Feb 9, 1:08am
Hope that on Monday some home bakers might come to party.

buzzy110, Feb 9, 3:57am
I'd love to go splits with you lenart but there does not seem to be a way to make contact that TM will accept. However, I thought you were going to put up an auction for something for $1 (buy now) on your site. I'll be sure to look for it at 6:30am for the next three mornings.

lenart, Mar 13, 12:50am
Great! You can check my profile, I put a link for another thread there, you can find me through there. I will buy flour on Wednesday-Thursday and we will arrange a pick up when it suits you. Cheers.

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