Strong flour at Binn Inn WHG

l found strong flour at Whangarei Binn Inn today and bought 5kgs you can buy whatever amount you want for anyone else looking for strong flour

Chef_griffo4, Mar 4, 5:13 am

I would be interested to know how much you paid for the ' STRONG FLOUR' (what do you use it for that High Grade Flour wouldn't do? )at Bin Inn, and what one could purchase it for elsewhere.
I wander into Bin Inn occasionally and the only way I can sum up their prices is that they are an ABSOLUTE RIP OFF. It is a Franchise and I believe they have to buy everything from the Franchisee. They started off years ago and were competitive with the local Supermarket BUT now just a joke. Correct me if I am wrong?

Chef_snapperheadrkp, Mar 4, 5:59 am

I love Binn Inn for certain things & don't find them OTT as far as their pricing goes . well my local one isn't.
eta . there has been quite a lot of discussion on here about sourcing 'strong' flour (maybe you missed it?) . the op was being helpful.

Chef_samanya, Mar 4, 6:05 am

Depends what you are looking for. Some things are cheaper than the SM and some a little more expensive but much cheaper than any health food store. On the whole I don't find them a rip off, there are certain things I buy there which I know are cheaper than I can get elsewhere.

Chef_nauru, Mar 4, 8:39 am

Same. Their dried fruit, nuts, grains and seeds at my local Binn Inn are all cheaper than at PaknSave.

Chef_kaddiew, Mar 4, 8:52 am

l have been hunting for strong flour to make bread, the closest place l could find was Gilmours in Auckland

l paid $2.50 kg but l could also buy the amount l wanted, where as at Gilmours was a 25 kg bag only

It might not be for everyone and it is more expensive and l don't go to Auckland very often, but thought l would put the word out

l use Binn Inn for lots of different things especially things that are not easy to get in supermarkets

Chef_griffo4, Mar 5, 12:38 am

Isn't it amazing I never knew such a thing as strong flour existed. I baked bread for years and it was beautiful - how much better would it have been if I had used Strong Flour - maybe awesum.

Chef_kiwicrown, Jan 17, 12:59 am