Paleo vegetarian? But I do eat fish.suggestions?

hezwez, Jun 15, 8:40am
Having seen That Sugar Film and being thoroughly convinced, I am interested in altering my diet towards paleo but it's more difficult when you're not into chasing down and clubbing your mammoth. I don't eat red meat or poultry. Has anyone suggestions or a link? There's not much on the web. TIA

davidt4, Jun 15, 9:00am

trogedon, Jun 15, 9:45am
Paleo is BAD and full of untruths. There is heaps of excellent diet advice out there that unlike Paleo is good for you & maintainable in the longterm. Good on you for not eating red meat and poulty. What is your dietary aim?

hezwez, Jun 15, 10:01am
My aim is to lower HbA1c level, reduce weight, and return LFTs to normal.

thejewellerybox, Jun 15, 10:04am
Check out marks daily apple. Best paleo website. Search there for vegetarian paleo , he has alot of topics there.

trogedon, Jun 15, 10:30am
A Vegetarian diet (and even better a Vegan diet) will help you achieve your goals well.

hezwez, Jun 15, 10:35am
Thanks for your help davidt4, trogedon, and thejewellerybox. I'll do some exploring but won't come into the thread again since sometimes paleo threads turn to custard and I don't want that.

mjhdeal, Jun 17, 4:45am
What sort of advice do you want? Cos it seems pretty simple - follow the paleo protocol, but just ignore the meat/mammoth parts, lol.

bedazzledjewels, Jun 17, 4:58am
Hezwez, you might find something on the Whole 30 / Whole 9 website for vegetarians.

nauru, Jun 17, 7:18am
I managed to do this by going Low GI, cutting out red meat and eating mostly vegetarian meals, now back to a healthy level.

agedbag, May 14, 6:04pm
There is a great vegetarian thread on here.