HELP - Vegetarian nut loaf

hkm11, Aug 4, 2:09am
I wanted to make this recipe I got from the vegetarian thread because it looked yummy and easy (Im not a great cook)
Cashew Loaf.
1T oil
1 large onion, finely chpd
1 cl garlic " "
2t vegemite, marmite etc
300ml veg stock
200g cashew nuts, coarsely ground. Cashew pieces are cheaper.
110g wholemeal breadcrumb
1 med carrot, grated
1 hpd t mixed herbs
Cook onion and garlic until soft. Add rest of ingred, combine and put into lightly greased loaf tin and flatten top.
Bake 190 for 45 min. Leave in oven with heat turn off 5 or 10 mins makes it easy to slice.
I make this in my food processor, just cook onion & garlic first.
Very quick and easy.

Quotefrances1266 (2 )

However I got 2 recipes muddled and brought blanced peanuts instead! Could I use peanuts instead of cashews or does anyone have an EASY peanut loaf recipe. Thanks! !

ferita, Aug 4, 2:48am
Peanuts would probably work , , I cannot see why they wouldnt

blt10, Aug 4, 2:54am
Yes you can use peanuts. Will post a recipe for peanut nut roastsoon.

blt10, Aug 4, 2:59am
Nut Roast.

4 Potatoes, 1 chopped onion, 2d. soy sauce, salt, 250g minced raw peanuts, chopped parsley, herbs.

Place ingredients, except peanuts intosaucepan, almost cover with water. Cook until vegetables are tender. Don't drain but add minced nuts. Leave on low heat for another minute. Take off heat and mash. Place in oiled dish, bake in moderate oven until nicely browned.

frances1266, Aug 4, 3:18am
Peanuts should be ok in this recipe but the cashews are richer than peanuts in flavour. Post how it turns out.

blt10, Aug 4, 5:03am
Actually most vegetarian nut roasts are simple to make andjust different ingredients to bring out the taste of nuts.

hkm11, Dec 25, 12:57pm
I made it to this recipe except I used peanuts and hubby put in a tin of lentils.
It was so yum! I really enjoyed it! Ive been a vegetarian since I was 4 and have never had a nut loaf. And I feel full after it.
Will definately be making it again, thanks