Lo carb for lactose intolerant vegetarian

mommabean, Dec 12, 9:19am
any ideas can it be done have a friend who is struggling to lose weight i swear by lo carb but given the above can it be done

frances1266, Dec 12, 6:33pm
There is a book by Rose Elliot called Low Carb Vegetarian.In my opinion the low carb diet is dangerous.

accroul, Dec 12, 6:41pm
I know of a vegan who is also Low Carb so if she can do it with absolutely no animal products, then being LC without lactose should hardly be a problem. Carb levels will be naturally higher than a LC omnivore because of all the vege & some legumes that will be eaten.

davidt4, Dec 12, 8:07pm
Yes, it can be done as long as your friend makes sure that he or she gets enough protein and natural fat.Olive oil and coconut oil are great tasting and would fit well into a vegetarian lactose-free eating plan.

Have a look at the NZ low carb site (can't give you the link, but you will find it if you google "Low Carb Eating in Style") for more ideas.

bedazzledjewels, Dec 12, 8:17pm
Eating DT4? I know we do a fair amount of that, but usually we 'cook' it first!

davidt4, Dec 12, 8:41pm
Just testing Dazz...One step ahead of the police at all times

accroul, Dec 12, 10:48pm
lol @ davidt4 & dazz!

margyr, Dec 12, 11:22pm
#1 just on the left is a search box in the keyword or member box type lo carb then in the date posted click on the little arrow and then on anytime then click search. there are loads of recipes that may help your friend.

buzzy110, Dec 12, 11:25pm
Actually, when you think about it lactose is found only in milk products. Cheese, yoghurt and milk. Some cheeses are actually so low in lactose that they can be tolerated in small quantities, the same with yoghurts.

The following link gives much more precise information.


Scroll down to Dairy Products and there is a whole round up about which dairy can be eaten and which should be avoided.

Lacto vegetarians probably eat more cheese than those who are notand so eating low carb may be problematical but not impossible. Protein sources that are probably superior to cheese include spirulina and properly fermented tofu and tempeh. Legumes are also a source of protein.

Does your friend eat seafood by any chance?

bedazzledjewels, Oct 22, 6:07am
And don't forget eggs.