Sorry, low carb people

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vintagekitty, Oct 22, 7:24am
I got my first warning, for my thread. Im sorry, I will never say anything when you mock people, are demeaning, nor will say anything when the mad as bats are totally rude. However, I will provide links to other websites that you post. You know, One rule for everyone et al

vintagekitty, Oct 22, 7:40am
well, actually thinking about it, I would say something, Because as most sane, normal people now, there's no excuse for rudeness.

ferita, Oct 22, 7:41am
Good for you for sticking up for yourself. Do not let them get to you.

vintagekitty, Oct 22, 7:45am
lol ferita, I do!, god no, they dont get to me, I feel sorry that this all they have in their life, really

rkcroft, Oct 23, 2:21am
Me too!You can be healthy and slim without having to be low carb.Dare I say, and much happier too!

buzzy110, Oct 23, 4:25am
Of course you can. But maybe it is only vintagekitty who thinks it is healthy to live only on raw foods. I also think you can be healthy and slim on a good diet and not have to resort to a raw food diet to achieve that.

cookessentials, Oct 23, 5:17am
How dare you!-you dont feel for anyone here but yourself. Be accepting of the appology and for goodness sake, move on.
Dont you dare start bringing up peoples personal struggles here and then have the cheek to blame it on their really have no clue and my comment about your social problems stands!

buzzy110, Oct 23, 5:42am
This was an apology? "Im sorry, I will never say anything when you mock people, are demeaning, nor will say anything when the mad as bats are totally rude."

And how dare you use that tone of voice with me. I absolutely do wish vk a speedy recovery and feel sorry for her having to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. You have no conception of what I seen and if you had read my post with an open mind, I actually do not wish others, even those who disagree with my philosophy to have to suffer the same.

Same as I wouldn't wish ill of you. You might wish me ill but it is not reciprocated you silly hag. I would no more take pleasure in your ill health than I would if it was someone close to me.

If you haven't worked it out yet, I want everyone to be healthy and happy and not have to go to doctors, take pharmaceuticals or be operated on. I want everyone to make to old age fit and healthy with all their bit working perfectly.

How dare you. vk has my best wishes whether she wants them or not. I'd sooner be sparring with her on here than not. And as she spares no nicety to criticises my dietary understandings, and me personally, so I am allowed to point out faults in hers in return. Fair's fair.

If the shoe were on the other foot both you and she would be revelling in it.

ferita, Oct 23, 8:36am
Bringing peoples mothers into it???
You have stooped to a new low

buzzy110, Oct 23, 10:36am
ferita she criticised low carb people for daring to get old and not be as attractive as she deems acceptable. I know she is going to stay young forever, but I bet her mother, who is probably really beautiful btw, didn't. If you are going to criticise people for being old and therefore ugly, then naturally you would have critical feelings about your own mother and probably your own grandmother.

Not low, just following the rant to its logical conclusion.

And before you admonish me I did not know the seriousness of vks problem before I posted.

anjie_kitty, Oct 23, 10:20pm
I think you will find it is not all about being slim, more the healthy side.Sugar does alot of damage, along with the processed foods.Everyone is different, they have their own forum and are happy.

ferita, Oct 23, 10:45pm
Why dont they stay in their forum and stop pushing there low carb psuedo science down everyones throats. Calling doctors lairs etc, it just proves how delusional the low carb fools really are.

anjie_kitty, Oct 23, 11:37pm
If you did your research, you would see that it is all true.You should watch Jamie Oliver, The Redemption, and see what they are doing in the states at the schools.It is sickening!I wouldnt call a low carber a fool.I have changed my life and have never been healthier, never need to visit a doctor now.Maybe put the bickering between low carb and carb eating aside and actually think about it, and as I said do some research.??

kay141, Oct 24, 12:08am
That's great for you. Some of us have lived long, healthy lives without changing the way we eat or think. I object (at my age) to being told how I should live my life.

nfh1, Oct 24, 12:20am
I would not call a low carber a fool either - neither would I tell someone who was not low carbing to do some research.What suits one does not suit everyone.

I tried low carb but because I do not like/cannot tolerate fat was permanently hungry.Moderation is my mantra - portion control - suits me well, does not mean it will suit you though!

mistrycelebrity, Oct 24, 12:21am
www dot doctorsaredangerous dot com

an Australian health expert's website i suggest you all look at

another one:

www dot westonaprice dot org

Weston A. Price another expert whose researched findings and principles can be relied upon

anjie_kitty, Oct 24, 12:35am
I disagree in regards to your statement of telling someone who is not low carbing to do research.

If they are going to judge the low carbers then well yes they should research beforehand and especially before they slag it!!!

anjie_kitty, Oct 24, 12:45am
Im am really happy for you.Although,I do not think anyone is telling you how to live, but if you enter the low carb forum where these people support that 110% then be prepared for it, dont comment and let them be!For meI think thatthe most annoying thing is, when people come onto the board and put their two cents in when really there is no need for any negativity.Just let them be and if you dont support it then good for you, leave the forum.

nfh1, Oct 24, 12:53am
That is up to you - I merely said what I would do and not do.Unless someone asked I would not dream of telling someone what to eat - I only know what works for me.

I have no judgement to make about people who eat low, medium or high carb - how could I have as I do not know them - they could be anything from morbidly obese to underweight.

kay141, Oct 24, 1:22am
It is not just the lowcarb forum where they push their agenda. If you have a look, it will be in a lot of recipe and health threads. God help anybody who wants a recipe using condensed milk etc.

ferita, Oct 24, 1:37am
TM have no low carb forum in case you have realised. This is recipes not low carb propaganda pushing.Has all the BHB made you delusional?

uli, Oct 24, 4:46am
As if anyone ever did that.
And if anyone ever cared what you eat.

You however have posted in another thread that I called you a liar - I have aksed you to withdraw that and I am still waiting for you to either bring some proof or to apologise and retract.

esther-anne, Oct 24, 7:10am
My goodness - this is even more entertaining than Parenting!!

I am puzzled uli-you called someone a liar in another thread and now you are waiting for that person to apologise??Sounds cockeyed to me!!!

ferita, Oct 24, 10:20am

mistrycelebrity, Oct 24, 8:48pm
ooh i liked those two articles, thanks Ferita