I would hate to be low carb

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vintagekitty, Oct 20, 7:40am
if it sucked my personality out and made me bitter, sour and not a very nice person. You know looking at people posting, its the same old, same old. The low carb harpies have a website now to spew their views but still come here, spouting off their unwanted"advice". What is that about?

I mean TM is hardly a Epicurean site, so david4, who used to be so helpful, has now turned just as ferral, rude and demeaning as uli and buzzy (whom, Im convinced are the same person, as one cannot post without the backing of the other). Its a site to sell your second hand tat, mum and dads to share info and recipes. Not to put people down, or be rude.

You know the low carb lifestyle is hardly the elixer for good living you just have to check out the low carb site, they try and promote all the time, the profile photos leave alot to be desired, they are all old,unhappy looking, unattractive women. So, eat, be happy and dont let anyone put you down.

vintagekitty, Oct 20, 7:41am
and god, my kids love lollie cake. Do you need the recipe?

elliehen, Oct 20, 7:46am
I prefer the old davidt4 who used to eat truffles ;)

Fortunately I have saved many of her authentic Asian recipes.The new low carb versions seem so anaemic.

vintagekitty, Oct 20, 7:49am
Its so pathetic now elly, imagine living the rest of your life so sour and mean.

charlieb2, Oct 20, 8:16am
Wow... bit over the top, even for you vintagekitty

vintagekitty, Oct 20, 8:21am
For me?, gosh, You dont read all the threads

elliehen, Oct 20, 8:36am
I think vintagekitty is probably just expressing exasperation and bewilderment that anyone would bother to enter a thread like the Jamie Oliver one just to ridicule Lolly Cake - and without humour too.

It's a bit like deliberately kicking over the kids' tower of blocks ;)

rainrain1, Oct 20, 8:43am
Yes #1If you ask me it's a bit like One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest in here........

deviant7, Oct 20, 8:58am
you know what, I am low carb and im 20 so obviously you havnt been looking at the pictures right, also I dont agree with alot of what is posted here and can see how people get frustrated but this thread is acutally disgusting, how dare you demean people you dont even know, You do not know me (as you generalised "lowcarbers") you know nothing about me, you can not say we are all old unhappy women, and reading your post and some of the "points" you have raised, three words spring to mind POT KETTLE BLACK

Please grow up and get over yourself or youll end up looking like all of the old unhappy women that lowcarb

vintagekitty, Oct 20, 9:04am
lol, but are you happy?

uli, Oct 20, 9:55pm
vintagekitty - please give it a rest. I know that you are unhappy at present - and the reasons are obvious. Everybody would be feeling down if they were in your shoes right now.

While you have chosen to eat a very extreme (and mostly low carb) diet for a while - this doesn't give you the right to put others down (who actually eat a much less restrictive diet than you do at present).

None of the low carbers I know are as sour and vindicative as you are at present - and all low carbers that I know personally are very happy people.

I sincerely wish you good luck and a full recovery and hope that you can find back to your former happy self without the need to put others down.

Maybe we need to vote this thread off so you can get on with your life and recover your health vintagekitty.
Good luck!

charlieb2, Oct 20, 9:57pm
Well said uli....

I have no idea what is going on with VK at the moment.. but there is no reason for this type of posting.... Its just nasty.I voted the thread last night..

papariccardo, Oct 20, 10:00pm
I'm having to go low carb this summer, I'm 25kgs overweight. I can understand why anyone would be bitchy after eating just veges!

I wish there was a better way for me to shed pounds fast, but sugar got me fat, it's removal from the diet will probably reverse that gain.

visionspring, Oct 20, 11:23pm
Dudes.....when internet trolls get you down, just take a deep breath and realise this is just the internet! Don't let it get to you so deeply.Negative folks don't have any power over you if you don't let them. Go outside and make the most of the sunny weather! (well it was sunny this morning, lol :)

davidt4, Oct 20, 11:24pm
Papariccardo - have you had a look at the NZ low carb website - Low Carb Cooking in Style.It has a wealth of information, lots of recipes and a supportive forum for registered members.We'd love to see you there!

papariccardo, Oct 20, 11:40pm
Cheers Helen! I have joined up, now to find some yummy recipes.

accroul, Oct 20, 11:48pm
Happiness is a state of mind - not a diet!

elliehen, Oct 20, 11:49pm
visionspring, true that you can ignore negativity, but it can also be like water dripping on stone and eventually it can overwhelm with its sheer persistence, as it might have done to vintagekitty.

Give her, AND lollycake, AND all who like a little piece for a treat now and then a break!

ferita, Oct 21, 12:21am
Eating low carb is dangerous and unhealthy for your heart.

ferita, Oct 21, 12:22am
What a suprise,
you are here to put people down again.

uli, Oct 21, 12:26am
ellie - please read post 11 - I have no problem giving her a break - however this thread is uncalled for - and will only stir things up further.

edited to add:
As you can see from the above posts by ferita.

visionspring, Oct 21, 12:40am
elliehen>> Oh totally! A tiny piece of lolly cake now and then isn't so bad :) I just think it takes a lot of energy to keep fighting/going back and forth like this, and I guess I just don't understand it. I think its just better to not become like those who tick you off, and be the bigger person. Its truly hard! But I feel that this is best way :) To each their own.

buzzy110, Oct 21, 2:37am
Read your post vk. It is more bitter, sour and twisted than anything you are accusing us of.

I guess you are going to stay forever 20 then and have and intend to maintain the looks and figure of an 18yr old fashion model.

And where is your recipe?

papariccardo, Oct 21, 3:27am
My GP is the one who suggested it. He has me aiming for a South Beach diet.

I imagine being overweight & eating refined sugars is much more dangerous, and unhealthy for my heart. Do you think he is trying to kill me, or could in fact you be mistaken?

maxwell.inc, Oct 21, 3:32am
Don't mind ferita pappa! hes our regular vegetarian evangelist!

Don't tell him hes wrong.. he'll call you and your Dr a pseudo science crack pot ;o)