Low Carb Recipe/Cookbook?

wild-at-heart, Aug 17, 11:49pm
I am looking for a good one with some yummy stuff and Yes I want an actual book! :) Any suggestions! ?

cookessentials, Aug 18, 12:15am

uli, Aug 18, 12:16am
Dana Carpender is quite good

lyl_guy, Aug 18, 12:18am
I have this one, but I'm keeping it, lol! Bought it from a little sally army shop for $2!
http://rgr-static1. tangentlabs.co. uk/images/ar/97818639/9781
863963954/0/0/plain/501-low-carb-recipes. jpg

bedazzledjewels, Aug 18, 12:27am
Perhaps the NZ low carb cooking site need to publish a book? !

uli, Aug 18, 1:00am
Sure does :)

brightspark, Aug 18, 1:06am

books4nz, Aug 18, 12:01pm
Lots are listed on TM:
http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/SearchResults. aspx? &sear

katalin2, Aug 18, 12:05pm
Atkins books have recipe section- and I think there is an Atkins recipe book out too. Also the Sureslim recipe books are low carb.

katalin2, Aug 18, 12:08pm
I just typed in "low carb recipe book" into browse- there are heaps listed, including the AWW one mentioned above, as well as the Atkins one.

gardie, Feb 5, 11:07pm
I got heaps out of my public library and the best of them all is the Womens Weekly one.