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t.gypsy, Jul 17, 9:05am
I am starting myself on this diet. Unsure of what to get when i next do my shopping. I do know i can still have silverbeet, pumpkin, eggs and most meats. Now is there anything else i could put on the shopping list as yes i will be starting from scratch. Thanks in advance i am after suggestions of what i can get and buy to co inside with the new diet of mine.

liana24, Jul 17, 9:45am
CHEESE, salami, lettuce, mayo, eggs, bacon, chirozo's, chicken, mince, steak, cream, berries, lindt 80% (? ), pumpkin, cauliflower, butter, are all the things I buy weekly, plus a few other veg, zucchini etc. Maybe some ground flaxseed to experiment with the wraps. I like to buy mountain bread occasionally too. Bit high for some people, 13gms, but works for me.

davidt4, Jul 17, 10:08am
Cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms, coconut cream, whey protein powder, raspberries and blackberries (frozen) are all mainstays. Check the NZ low carb website for recipes and good advice.

seez1, Jul 17, 10:15am
Heres a good link to a LC pantry :)

http://www.lowcarbcooking.co.nz/index. php? option=com_content

t.gypsy, Jul 17, 10:11pm
thanks guys that gives me a head start of what i would need to get.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 17, 10:24pm
Gypsy - like all shopping lists, it's best to work out what you're going to eat for the week, then write the list, then shop!

cloudberry, Jul 17, 10:31pm
IMHO it's not what you put ON your shopping list, it's what you leave OFF. That is, don't buy anything made with flour. Anything with sugar in it. Anything processed (including oils. ) Anything with a list on ingredients on the packaging. Anything with packaging, for that matter!

t.gypsy, Jul 17, 11:02pm
Yes thats the what i have noticed. Now i have an idea what i am going with i will slowly take things off the list and add new things on the list. I am looking forward to starting it. This morning I usually have 2tsp sugar in my coffee and i have 3 cups so for the past two mornings i have been having only 1tsp until i can get splenda or replacement sugar and well i noted how much better my coffee tasted lol. So i am sure when i go for it i am going to notice a lot of differences and how much i will like it.

t.gypsy, Jul 17, 11:03pm
Yes thats what i am trying to work out and also I am still living with mom and we take turns with the cooking so i am also educating mom about what to increase and decrease when shes cooking in the kitchen. On the nights i am not cooking... . I will not say no to the roast she does hell no lol just take certain things off the plate.

accroul, Jul 17, 11:06pm
I used to have sugar in my coffee t. gypsy. I got down to 1/2 a tsp before I quit - I replaced it with cream!

buzzy110, Jul 17, 11:21pm
I have always had my coffee black. If you make your coffee with fresh cold water, just brought to the boil and no more then your coffee will taste naturally sweeter anyway. Just put enough fresh, cold water into your jug everytime you make coffee and throw any left over away or onto your garden or plants or use to rinse dishes, etc.

If you are one of those people who fills the jug and then reboils and reboils then tops up and continues to reboil, consider doing it the way I have just suggested. Just have a taste of reboiled water and then try tasting freshly boiled cold water that hasn't been allowed to boil beyond boiling point and you will notice the difference in sweetness and flavour immediately. Well I can at least.

t.gypsy, Jul 17, 11:22pm
I've tried cream in my coffee before and i couldnt handle the flavour of the cream with the coffee. But it'll be interesting on what to use cream for in the cooking its something i never had the opportunity to use lol.

buzzy110, Jul 17, 11:23pm
Don't forget a good quality olive oil - it should be cold pressed and extra virgin if you aren't going to buy a locally produced one. Some medium thread coconut and limes for your cauliflower rice. Tins of tuna in olive oil.

t.gypsy, Jul 17, 11:25pm
I am one of those people that boils a jug of water once. My mother however reboils the water everytime she has a cup me thats a waste of power lol.

t.gypsy, Jul 17, 11:29pm
the cauliflower rice looks absoloute yum. I am going to get mom to try a little bit my mom will prolly try some of it out of curio. Now takanini I have a fair idea where some good organic shop is coz thats where i will find some of those things right.

buzzy110, Jul 17, 11:30pm
I use a couple of tablespoons full every morning in my scrambled/omelette parsley eggs. I also take about ¼cup and heat it till it has thickened down to a good consistency (doesn't take long once you know what you are doing), add paprika and grated cheese and you have a yum and simple carb free cheese sauce to go over vegetables.

I cook a lot of stews with fancy names at this time of the year (oxtail, Irish, ragout, Boeuf bourguignon, coc a vin, tagine, mutton boil up, etc) and a lot of those can be greatly improved with some cream, especially if you have thickened it same as for the cheese sauce.

And don't freak out. I have lost 900grms this week alone living on food like that and I really only want to lose 300grms so I'm actually having to lighten up on my cream intake.

t.gypsy, Jul 17, 11:37pm
Yes its a good thing my mom is familar with some of the foods i am wishing to go with and so she can guide me on how to go about it. So with this diet you loose weight pretty quickly do you? ? .

Now when i have done some of the shopping i am going to give seafood chowder a go i will need to mess around with the ingreds a bit.

buzzy110, Jul 17, 11:57pm
Sometimes the loss can be erratic. I have pretty much got it sorted now. I no longer even bother with substituting anything. Rather I just stick to what I know I can eat - namely meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, cream, cheese, butter the best quality olive oil I can find (usually from farmers' markets), coconut oil and cider and wine vinegars.

I do make sour dough bread and probably have a slice a week and I rather like fresh fruit so sometimes, instead of my mid-afternoon protein/fat snack I'll have a piece of fruit. Sometimes I have unsweetened full cream yoghurt after dinner as well.

Water should become your best friend. A glass before you eat, and a glass in between meals. One cup of flavoured hot water (coffee, tea, cinnamon, etc) with coconut oil is a must with breakfast as well. You will also need to up your salt intake.

And, of course, I like to have creamed coconut to snack on as well.

t.gypsy, Jul 18, 1:17am
the salt will be an interesting one i natrually dont put salt on my foods as salt is in the foods so if i need to get into the habit of putting salt on my food will be interesting. I also love my fruits too the way i am intending to structure it is to have a big breakfast graze during the day and then dinner in the evening. .

lythande1, Jul 18, 4:53am
Bean curd vermicilli. Make sure it says BEAN, not rice.

uli, Jul 18, 5:03am
How many carbs in 100g please?

vintagekitty, Jul 20, 8:47am
poor you, what a restrictive diet, how stupid eating what? The same10 items of food day in day out? , what a miserable life.

carbon_trader, Jul 20, 8:51am
what a miserable attitude...

vintagekitty, Jul 20, 9:02am
not at all, bet she gives it up in a few weeks

tarshlove, Jul 20, 9:02am

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