High Carb meal ideas please

griffo4, Oct 28, 7:44pm
l am going to run a half marathon and l was trying to think of high carb meals to make in the 2 days before the event
l am not calling it a race as l just want to get to the finish line, and that would be an event for me, LOL

Any easy high carb meal ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks

davidt4, Oct 28, 8:01pm
Baked beans on toast.

greerg, Oct 28, 9:24pm
Pasta bakes and rice puddings were standards in the days when our boys were competing.

elliehen, Oct 28, 10:55pm
Some tips on nutrition here from SportsMed Canterbury :)


indigo1, Oct 28, 11:03pm
You shoulda basically starved youself by now so you expend all your carbs stores and then eat a lot of high GI carbs and the idea is that you super-compensate and store extra. Sports drinks, creamed rice, lollies are all easy options. Stay away from foods high in fat, protein & fibre in the last day as these can cause stomach discomfort as they are harder to digest/process. Good luck!

griffo4, Jun 30, 2:08am
Thank you for all your ideas
Thanks elliehen for the link l will look at it after
l have a couple of weeks up my sleeve before the event so thought l would ask before hand so l have time to get organised
Thanks indigo l will need alot of luck,lol